What to Know About AssetMantle’s Partnership With NerdHaven

Samson Anthony
2 min readJul 31, 2022


To promote activities within its community, AssetMantle has kept the month busy with inaugurations, integrations, partnerships, and launches, ranging from the devnet of the NFT MantlePlace, and to AsGuard, the AssetMantle global community has really been kept busy.

In the fourth week of July, AssetMantle signed a partnership deal with a team of professionals in the decentralized finance world. A partnership with them gives the network chief high-level strategic planning, as the team is ready to provide advice for AssetMantle’s development.

What are They?

Nerd Haven, a decentralized autonomous organization, has a founding team of gifted professionals who know much about the systems associated with the non-fungible tokens today, and how problems related to them can be solved.

Acting like an elder council, the Nerd Haven DAO advises the networks they partner with, to increase the knowledge and thinking which these crypto networks must not have talked about.

Since 2018, which is when the Nerds had their debut, passion has driven the team hard, and they have had made their own NFT projects, while supporting others with their experiences and strategic advice.

AssetMantle regards its partnership with the Nerds as strategic. Via Nerd Haven, a partnership with AssetMantle will see NFT builders within the ecosystem building with no stress.

Alliance Merits

With Nerd Haven DAO, the AssetMantle network is sure to:

  • Have access to quality advice on how to financially run the network.
  • Develop on the user interfaces of the marketplace, mantle-1 chain, etc.

Benefit from the advertisements and giveaways which Nerd Haven would hold sometime in the future for the network, in order to reach their target audience.

Gain assistance in:

  • Pooling non-fungible token art collections.
  • Helping members of the network in customizing their NFTs.
  • Restructuring the system of tokenomics in the network.
  • Setting up the projects, and raising the required funds.
  • Blockchain technology and development.

AssetMantle bears in mind, all the benefits which the Nerd Haven decentralized autonomous organization offers. When the MantleBuild dApp is announced, the Nerds would be a part of the programming, and it will be launched quite effortlessly for those who wish to create their own non-fungible tokens and sell them within MantlePlace.

If you have joined the Foundation Grant, you will automatically be made a user of this upcoming dApp.

About AssetMantle

AssetMantle is a multi-tenant NFT marketplace that permits creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade NFTs on its fast-finality blockchain.

AssetMantle is perpetrated to improve the usability and accessibility of NFTs. Working in accordance with interNFT’s goal of making NFTs compatible across blockchain networks, and building on the Cosmos ecosystem has enabled the Mantle team to pull off this technological feat.

Join the network.

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