Steps of Creating an ERC-1155 smart contract on the Creator No Code Smart Chain.

The emergence of NFT in the last few months has led to the birthing of several smart contract through the use of Blockchain. Creator, which is a Blockchain as a service (Baas) platform that enables No Code DApp and other services provide a stage which seeks to promotes Defi and NFT world. It builds on the Polkadot/substrate which gives realistic interoperability in a user-friendly network making it simple to create an ERC-1155 (NFT smart contract).

Creator seeks to assist in making it easier for people to build their own Smart Contract through providing a No Code Smart Contract service .With the help of it’s launched MVP of No Code Smart Contract, it becomes easy for everyone to test their skills on smart contract creation.

However, understanding the difference between ERC-1155 and ERC-721 is critical in ERC-1155 Smart Contract as the both tokens are standard NFTs. The major difference lies in the fact that ERC 721 is a Smart Contract characterized by one-time selling while ERC-1155 can be sold to multiple individuals. Below are steps to guide you on an ERC -1155 Smart Contract Creation.

Step1 : Enter to connect to Creator making smart contract site.

Step 2. Click “Smart Contract” button at the left conner to access create-smart-contract-menu

Step 3: Click on “Standard function” then choose “ERC-1155” to access a new page where you can create ERC-1155.

Your wallet address will need to be copied at this point.

Click the “Connect to wallet” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Customers may now access the “MetaMask” wallet, which is one of the most secure wallets available.

If you connect “MetaMask” to Creator successfully, you will be able to see either your Wallet address and balance on Creator or the connected status on Metamask extensions.

Step 4: Because Creator supports the Rinkeby Testnet, choose “Rinkeby Test Network” on your MetaMask Wallet network. Then, for your smart contract, you must select the proper network, which in this case is Ethereum.

Step 5: At this step, you are going to gather all of the information you’ll need to build your own ERC-1155 smart contract.

Select ERC-1155 Token Factory: ERC-1155 is also a standard for NFT, so it only has the “Burnale Token” option. By choosing this, your token will be destroyed to decrease the supply of the asset. So, according to your business strategy, you can choose whether to Burn your token or not.

Logo: On this field, you will upload your tokens logo. This logo is used to define your token, which other contracts and applications can identify

Token Name: This is used to define the name of the token, which other contracts and applications may use to identify it.

Token Symbol: This is the symbol you want to use to identify your token. It should be basic, with easy-to-remember signature characters (example ETH, BTC, BAT, etc.).

Token Description: In this information field, you will explain the asset that this token represents, such as an image or a video. v.v.

After fill all necessary fields, click on “Next Step”

Step 7: After you click on Next Step,a new tab will open. On this new tab, you are going to create your very first NTF item.They include

Image: Kindly upload your NTF item’s appearance, it could be: PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4 or MP3 and maximum 100mb

Name: you will set the name for your NFT item.

Number of copies: As previously stated, an ERC-1155 smart contract allows you to sell your NFT goods to numerous people. As a result, you will enter the number of copies of this NFT item in this box.

Description: Kindly describes the asset to which this NFT represents.

Advanced attributes: (optional) If you would like to make some Advanced attributes for your NFT token, you can click on “Show advanced attributes” and set up some attributes as below:

Properties: These are the properties that are displayed for your NFT item. Trait, for example, specifies the extent to which a character or other entity in a role-playing game contains a certain intrinsic trait shared by all characters in the game.

Levels: These appear beneath your item. In a role-playing game or video game, for example, the stage or rank of a player character.

Stats: The information that appears beneath your item. For example, a number describing a feature of a gaming entity. A gaming entity can take the form of a monster, character, weapon, or spell. Then submit it.

Step 8: After submitting, a new popup appears with your NFT item’s details; please double-check your information before selecting “Next Step.”

Step 9: After you click Confirm, MetaMask will offer a tab that details the cost of establishing a smart contract. After reviewing your bill, click “Confirm” to make a payment.

wait a few seconds after making your payment for your token to be deployed.

Your ERC-1155 smart contract and your first NFT item has now been created successfully!

You can now check your contract on the Ethereum system and monitor it’s progress. Ensure to always have a copy of your contract.

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