Ever seen an ad so much that you get tempted to check it out because why in the world is it always everywhere?

In some cases, some people go on to purchase whatsoever the ad sells, when in a normal ‘uncajoled’ circumstance, they would never buy those things.

That is what Web 2.0 social media has been offering us lately. Manipulative ads. Ads you find everywhere you go; TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, fashioned to follow you around like they know everything about you.

Manipulation, polarization and misinformation seem to have taken over the Web2 social media cloud. They appear to be the descriptive picture of what the media is and users are the victims of this obsessionism.

Social media addiction is a strategically manipulative device employed by social media platforms to occupy users with endless scrolling based on algorithms. They do this by introducing controversial contents, which most times are valueless, and targets them for ads.

Targeted contents promote polarization and misinformation making users lose their time and data for selfish-minded monetization.

The big question is, “do social media users have an alternative to this misleading and addictive situation?”

Our society is in dare need for a sanitize, straight-forward and balanced information.

But unknown to many, SOLCIAL is capable of offering the best solution to all these social media addiction problems.

Solcial’s Remedy To Social Media Addiction Problem

Solcial platform is build to handle the issues of censorship, monetization, and an imbalance between the platform and its users.

The decentralized social platform is community-based. Users create their content and polarization is reduced because every user is free to be a content creation and free to air their views because there are no censorships.

There are no annoying and misguiding adverts that keep popping up. This is not the case in Web2 platforms where ads always come up as clickbaits to misguide users.

In order to stop manipulation and secure your freewill from any form of abuse, the platform is a community of both creators and users who find value from one another and have control over their own individual affairs.

Solcial was developed to correct the sad experiences in Web2 platforms where people do not finding value and have no say over what is littered around the media.

It provides a new and unique way of having users choose what they want. No manipulation, no polarization, no algo feeds, all working towards consuming your time and data.

Solcial is a Web3-powered decentralized social platform that is run on Solana Blockchain aimed at content monetization and data security for its users.

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