Potentials of NFTs With AssetMantle’s MantlePlace

Samson Anthony
3 min readAug 28, 2022


Non-fungible Token (NFT) are distinct digital possessions that represent ownership of real-world properties such as pictures, art, music, and much more. You can think of NFTs as a way of owning antiques or art in a digitalized way without fear of being counterfeit or having it stolen from you.

But how much potentials do these assets have?

AssetMantle is an NFT protocol opens up other possibilities of NFTs. Its Mantle-1 blockchain is enabled by the IBC Protocol, a blockchain technology which establishes interoperability for members of blockchains to trade across other blockchains.

Use Cases

The AssetMantle network invests in what they term as NFT market potentials, which have been proven to be unique use cases of non-fungible tokens that guarantee the future of your benefiting from the projects.

In this article, we will just take a look at 2 of these use cases which include patents and sporting NFTs, which are gradually becoming trendy in the world of non-fungible tokens.

1. Patents

These are known to be temporary copyrights giving you the power to hold an NFT for a given period of time. Within this timeframe, you would be able to control who mints that art or tries to innovate it.

Given that the creation is unique and in circulation, you will be able to control who can trade it or trade it yourself. But when this expires, the rights to the NFT would be taken back by the creator. Plus, if you are a minter in the MantlePlace yourself, you can also rent patents to your NFTs for others to use.

In the global patent industry, NFTs are gradually dominating, and it will be made clear before the decade comes to an end.

Therefore, the AssetMantle network is going all in to begin minting NFT patents. This would ensure:

  • InterBlockchain trading.
  • Fractional ownership.
  • Royalty benefits.
  • Transaction verification.
  • Authenticity.

Fractional ownership involves the ownership of an asset by a number of people, in which the asset is only accessible to this number, just not everyone, thereby establishing the security and the authenticity of the assets, free from illegal duplicates.

2. Sports

Non-fungible tokens being linked to various kinds of sporting activities are increasingly becoming popular in the NFT world.

The influence of sports in the world has had impact on many areas, including NFTs. However, the advent of sport NFTs is gradually beginning to have their impact on the sporting sector of the global economy.

With non-fungible tokens, fans can now show their full solidarity for who they stan, via:

  • Gaming cards.
  • Personal athlete brands.
  • Sport league NFT tickets.
  • Game asset collections.
  • Game match playbacks.
  • VIP tickets to some gaming events held online by fans.

The sport NFTs sector is garnering a huge sum of market share in both the sports and NFT industries. Via this system, you can get your sport NFTs within the MantlePlace and have fun, while investing in them.

About AssetMantle Network

A digital network which sports an NFT marketplace, the AssetMantle network gives non-fungible developers and buyers a lot of upperhand use cases such as NFT production at its better best, encryption and verifiable exchanges, with reduced costs. Well-established within Cosmos’s ecosystem, AssetMantle network utilizes Tendermint to facilitate its tokenization of assets and NFT marketplace.

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