NFTrade: July in Retrospect

The month of July 2022, looking back in time, has been quite a busy month for the NFTrade network and the world of NFTs at large. The very popularity of non-fungible tokens is at its peak, and lots of people are trying out the system as an investment into the unforeseen future, which everyone is scared of, seeing the way physical money has been decreasing in value in so many parts of the world today.

Some days ago, in fact, the NFTrade network took to its Twitter page and asked its members what is next for the future of owning digital assets, via a poll. More than 80% of the voters singlehandedly picked the option of decentralization.

So what has the NFTrade network been up to this just past month, for its members?


In the first week of July, the network was among the top ten NFT marketplaces in terms of trade volume, over the previous month. NFTrade has achieved this through a list of partnerships with both reputable and upcoming figures in the non-fungible token world.

Among NFTrade’s partners are:

  • Polygon,
  • Ethereum,
  • Binance SmartChain,
  • Avalanche,
  • Sfermion,
  • Zokyo,
  • Pirate Metaverse,
  • Binance Name Service,
  • Coinbase,
  • Solana.

Pirate Metaverse and Coinbase entered into partnerships with NFTrade, early July, with the pirates being a metaverse built in the Avalanche ecosystem.

The Pirate Metaverse has been made a secondary marketplace for exchanging the network’s non-fungible tokens, while you can now keep your $NFTD tokens in your Coinbase wallet.

NFT Collections

The NFTrade marketplace is known to be a perfect site to search for collections of the types of non-fungible tokens, such that you might pick up interest in. Verifying and adding new collections once or twice every week, the NFTrade cryptosphere is broad.

Amongst others, the following are some of the NFT collections which were added for members of the NFTrade in July.

  • Yobi Ninjas,
  • Grape Finance,
  • Colour Tower,
  • Vrumble,
  • Castle Crush,
  • Space ID,
  • Project Galaxy,
  • Nitro Networks,
  • Cryptopolis,
  • HyperMove,
  • Meta Oasis,
  • Raccoons,
  • Founders Pass NFTs, etc.


As part of its Ambassadorship Program, NFTrade went on a search to incentivize its members, by employing TikTokers who are socialites, to post videos with NFTrade hashtags.

Many more opportunities are yet to arrive August, so join the network and be a part of these.

About NFTrade

Being the world’s first NFT InterBlockchain platform, NFTrade is the foundation layer of some of the digital marketplaces which you buy non-fungible tokens from. Making it stress-free to mint your NFTs, NFTrade allows you to trade them or even create by your own hands. The platform aggregates and arranges the numbers of non-fungible tokens you own into one single wallet.

NFTrade aims at becoming the most used decentralized platform for the creation and trading of non-fungible tokens.

Find out more about NFTtrade; check out the following links, and join the league.










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