NFTrade: A Decentralized Multi-Chain NFT Platform

Samson Anthony
3 min readJun 25, 2022


Presently, NFTs are booming and generating amazing benefits for dealers. Notwithstanding, it isn’t yet liberated from a few central difficulties, especially in the sites where they are traded.

NFT customers frequently need to browse through many crypto platforms, and launchpads, and go through protracted sign-up processes and verifications before they get to explore a cache of digital assets they might be interested in.

Hence, there is a need for NFT aggregators whose sole aim would be to gather all the NFT transaction data from many chains into a single location, enhancing efficiency while giving consumers a better trading experience.

As a result of aggregation, NFTs can debut separately across many platforms, but the sales data will be gathered and sent to an open secondary market where trading, buying, and selling can also start.

An example of such an aggregator is NFTrade. As a collector of digital assets or a fan of NFTs, utilizing NFTrade will place you at the center of the NFT market while assisting you in building up your digital collection.

What is NFTrade?

NFTrade is the world’s first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform that host the whole NFT lifespan and acts as an aggregator of all NFT marketplaces, enabling anybody to easily build, buy, sell, exchange, farm, and utilize NFTs across many blockchains.

Features of NFTrade

NFTrade offers outstanding features that are beneficial to everyone interested in NFTs including investors, creators, and collectors.

The following are a few of the distinctive features offered by NFTrade that aren’t offered throughout the whole NFT environment, particularly inside a single platform:

  • Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain Accessibility

Users will still have complete control over their Ethereum-based NFTs with the introduction of multi-chain and cross-chain accessibility but they will be able to benefit from advantages provided by other networks, such as quicker transaction finality and reduced costs.

Additionally, it will increase interoperability, enabling broader integration of assets into previously incompatible networks, and make assets across networks compatible with one another and non-native applications.

  • Decentralized and Escrowed Peer-to-Peer Swaps

With the help of NFTrade’s escrowed P2P swaps, a hitherto underutilized area of the market will suddenly be more accessible, adding value for everyone who chooses to conduct business in this manner.

In addition to creating an easy-to-use trading platform, everything will be securely escrowed to guarantee the protection of all parties and the satisfaction of the transaction.

  • Social Features

This makes it easy for the NFT community to communicate with other collectors and creators, exchange NFT-related tales, and perhaps most importantly be able to display their NFTs to like-minded others.

  • NFT Launchpad

By providing an NFT launchpad NFTrade will be able to build the future of decentralized crowdfunding within this asset class, which is a much-needed but unmet requirement.

NFTrade will be able to gather some of the best NFT-related initiatives through its broad network of community partners and present investment options to users.

The goal of NFTrade is to be the largest and most widely utilized NFT platform and exchange, including as much of the ecosystem as is practical.

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