Users’ experience is essential in driving engagement. In previous times, adult content was either prohibited or illegal, thus the few that could be made were poorly done with no aesthetic value attached to them. Refreshingly, the narrative has changed and a different one is being pushed today.

Regardless of the changing narrative, there are still lapses in the areas of building products that keep users engaged or guarantees a worthwhile experience. As such users are hitherto not interested in visiting these platforms, resulting in low or zero engagement.

Another notable challenge with user experience on some adult content sites is the lack of anonymity as well as no added benefits to the user even with an expanding market. Moreover, users are subject to what is decided by the owners of these sites, a case of centralized authority.

In light of legalized acceptance, market expansion and improved user experience, MoonApp is bridging the gap between consumers and producers of adult content using decentralized finance (DeFi) technology. MoonApp delivers an incredible user experience as well offers opportunities to its creators.

Let’s have a look at the features of MoonApp…

MoonApp engages mind-blowing features that power a safe and secure network, this way, users are assured of a safe, secure and fun network. Features include:

  1. Exclusive Content

Creators in the MoonApp platform have the right to publish exclusive Content hosted on its network. Users are then given the express authority to choose what content ranks higher with no interference from the system either to filter or forbid content deemed improper. This way the community decides what content stays.

2. Online Show

Judging that creating content or deciding the type of content can be a herculean task, as such users might be indecisive about content choices. To help creators and users, online shows as a feature displays content like webcam broadcast which serve as a catalyst for driving engagements to new content, however, these broadcasts are available only at a specified time.

3. Community Chats.

The community chat feature on the platform facilitates comments and/or discussion between community members and the platform, it also connects users viewing similar content.

4. NFTs

The NFT feature is a yet to be launches marketplace for users and creators alike. This marketplace will serve as an official auction site characterized by digital posters, signed by studio actors and directors.

5. Joint Watching

Joint Watching provides a separate room for users who prefer to access content privately. Furthermore, users can send out invitations to friends and family if they want to jointly watch content. Note that joint watching is only available on an invite.

In conclusion, MoonApp is designed to offer users on its platform a safe and secure but fun network, with the community staying in charge without any interference. By doing so, users have the freedom of expression and also stand to earn from the Network.


MoonApp is a web 3 interactive streaming blockchain platform and decentralized adult movie Launchpad. The network offers exceptional experience based on the best solutions, operating on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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