In recent times, there has been an increasing case of social exclusion, which has the potential to alter social interactions with members of personal networks. Social exclusion has become a daily challenge and has negative resultant effects. Research has shown that being excluded when socialising via any means (face-to-face, text or social media) has a damaging effect on the sense of belonging, control and self-esteem.

With an increased number of online tasks executed daily, exclusion translates to limiting the access of individuals to a world characterized by opportunities which otherwise would improve overall well-being for individuals, community and society. The process of digital inclusion has become an essential factor to consider in social interactions.

Disadvantaged demographics such as older people, low-income earners and people living with disabilities are subjected to social disparities especially taking into consideration the complexity and multifaceted nature of digital inclusion.

To address this, we look at social inclusion, its effects and MoonApp’s proposed solution to tackle the increased case of social inclusion.


Digital technologies pervade all aspects of existence. Exclusion potentially alters the flow of interactions given that social interaction has become a distinct part of day-to-day living.

Social inclusion then refers to the process of improving the terms on which individuals and groups take part in social activities. By so doing improving the ability, opportunity and dignity of those disadvantaged. Social inclusion is essential as it is the catalyst for living a better and healthier life.

MoonApp is particular about facilitating the social integration of otherwise excluded individuals such as low-income earners and disabled persons. Often, these social groups are underrepresented and without protection.

Effect-wise, these exclusions result in a personal risk for the excluded such cases might include but are not limited to being antisocial, psychological disorders, depression and so much more…to cur this, the MoonApp team is tasked with helping these set of individuals actualize themselves and exhibit their potential.


To address the problem of social exclusion, especially for low-income earners and the disabled, the MoonApp team is creating a community that offers security as well as opportunities which will not only engage them but help maximize their potential.

The websites as well as all applications of the network are tailored to cater for the disabled — this is a notable advantage. The modules below are some of the steps taken by the network to further solidify its integration strides;

Giving away the first three (3) exclusive MoonApp films — the network will be giving its first 3 pioneer films to disabled persons thus giving them an avenue to both participate and earn.

Having an NFT marketplace where its managers will consist of disabled community members and by extension provide secure jobs, communications and tech department for this set of users.

Launching an ambassadors program that allows everyone from the socially unprotected categories can participate from around the globe.

In conclusion, MoonApp is an all-inclusive social platform that ensures that everyone is duly represented across the board with modalities put in place by the team to actualize both inclusion and viable source of earning.


MoonApp is a web 3 interactive streaming blockchain platform and decentralized adult movie Launchpad. The network offers exceptional experience based on the best solutions, operating on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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