Mantra Protocol: The Marketplace for Dogechain NFTs.

Samson Anthony
3 min readFeb 29, 2024

The homebase of NFTs on Dogechain is Mantra Protocol.

My personal favorites are DogeTools, Drugged Huskies, DogeBlinders, and CryptoRAT NFTs.

However, NFTs should not be all about buying and holding them in your wallet, right?

Your NFTs deserve more of a chance than sitting in your wallets.

There should be much more to these beauties than just being a piece a wallet wallflower.

I’ve always wondered about the fun of buying NFTs. It is cool to have great looking NFTs, no doubt, but what else can you do with them?

Having them stored in your wallet to waiting for them to luckily appreciate in value has no gratification.

I’m sure that if you can do more with them, they would be with more.

Well, hang on, before you lose that hope, Mantra Protocol offers the best solutions to your worry.

On Dogechain, you can get more for your NFTs.

Mantra Protocol serves as the ultimate hub for NFT financialization, offering a wide array of cutting-edge features for your NFT needs either as a creator or a curator.

This marketplace is packed and filled with all the most amazing and exciting features for your NFTs — features you can use to earn some more yield on Dogechain!

Unlike your regular standard marketplace, Mantra enables you to do beyond just listing, buying, or sending NFTs. You can also:

1. Mint NFTs and get royalties each time they are sold.

2. Tip NFTs to other Dogechain users.

3. Pawn your NFTs for tokens.

4. Create lending/liquidity pools or deposit to pools to earn rewards.

5. List and transfer NFTs is bulk.

6. Buy or list your NFT on Auctions, and others.

The most valuable utilities of Mantra for NFTs are LENDING and PAWNING.

1. Lend

Your NFTs don’t have to always be yours, you can lend it to other users who wish to borrow it for a purpose (pools) and earn interest on your deposits while it is in their ownership.

Mantra Protocol allows NFT holders to borrow instant liquidity from lenders of tokens.

So if you ever need some DOG-20 tokens but can’t get them, you can always collect a loan with your NFT as a collateral.

2. Pawn

You may want to use some assets on Dogechain you don’t have but can’t have at the moment.

If you have NFTs, you can pawn them for the assets. You can deposit your NFT as a collateral to take a $WDOGE loan.

Pawn that NFT and receive tokens to make use of on the Dogechain ecosystem to generate more yields!

Quick Tutorial: How To Take Instant Loans With Your Dogechain NFTs on Mantra Protocol

1. Go to Mantra NFT Marketplace

2. Navigate to Lending Pools and connect your Dogechain wallet.

3. Find the pools that match the collection of the NFTs you want to use.

You can search using the filter for faster access.

4. Check the terms of the pool (loan per item, payback interest, and payback period) and choose the one that best suits your needs.

5. Open the pool’s details and select the NFTs you will use as collateral for taking the loan.

6. Take the loan by confirming the operation.

That’s it! You’re done!

Well, there you have it — a good run for your NFTs, making them more valuable than you’d have initially thought.

Mantra is a one-stop destination to unlock the full potential of your digital assets.

So, anytime you’re looking for a cool PFP to rep your DOGE fanship, Mantra is the right NFT marketplace to visit.

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