KoiStarter and Kommunitas Enter Into A Strategic Partnership.

Creator and its Launchpad–KoiStarter keeps trailblazing and achieving legendary feats that make them stand out.

Only recently, KoiStarter added yet another partner to its list of efficient partnerships.

Creator took to every one of its media pages to announce the new strategic collaboration between KoiStarter and Kommunitas on the 7th of December, 2021.

One of KoiStarter Launchpad’s missions is the empowerment of the most innovative crypto projects across all blockchains and Kommunitas has the same vision. This makes the duo more effective together.

Kommunitas is a tier-less decentralized Launchpad that welcomes and unites multi-chain-oriented projects from across various blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon, etc, and provides solutions for them from start to finish.

Kommunitas believes in bringing several crypto projects onto its network and connecting them to increase the profits that users and holders get.

The cooperation between the two Launchpads is symbiotic as both KoiStarter and Kommunitas will have a mutually beneficial relationship. They will build and share their communities and achieve the mission of assisting crypto projects to keep the blockchain industry booming.

The collaboration will bring to and enhance KoiStarter in the following ways:

1. Multi-chain Connection

Kommunitas brings on a lot of multi-chain-oriented projects to their network and aids inter-connectivity between them. With this feature, KoiStarter can also expand with other projects from Kommunitas integrated into their system. There will be more interlinked projects causing more traffic of users into their system.

2. Staking

Kommunitas is not just a Launchpad. It also has the features of staking in its system. So users can stake their assets from the different projects on the system and get rewards. This feature aggregates data from several sources to give their users the best prices available.

KoiStarter is bringing this into its system with the help of Kommunitas and more protocols will be employed in the staking process giving KoiStarter more liquidity.

3. More Potential-Packed Project Launches

Kommunitas will assist KoiStarter in the mission of gathering every potential-packed, profitable, and beneficial project to be launched into their system. Together, both teams will help these projects achieve a stress-free launch with effective marketing.

4. Funding, Image Boosting, and Promotion

As a partnership, both KoiStarter and Kommunitas will offer their drafted projects full-fledged and a vast variety of funding and management.

With their merged connections to several crypto influencers, communities, capital funds, and blockchains, both teams can provide support to these projects from the private round, strategic round to the marketing and exposure within a short time.

6. Community Building

KoiStarter and Kommunitas partnership will create a joint community between both networks. Users on KoiStarter can easily have access to Kommunitas and vice versa. This will grow both communities and widen their influence in the crypto space.

About KoiStarter

KoiStarter Launchpad is a secure ecosystem that allows upcoming crypto projects and blockchain startups to launch their products on the system before reaching the mainstream market.

The Launchpad grants community members early access to token sales at a lower price, that they can invest in before they hit the market and hike up in price.

To learn more about the partnership, visit: https://creatorplatfor1.medium.com/koistarter-creators-launchpad-forms-partnership-with-kommunitas-65dabd5dd46d

To stay updated with KoiStarter news and announcements, follow their official channels:

Website: https://www.koistarter.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/koistarter

Medium: https://medium.com/@koistarter

Telegram: https://t.me/Koistarterofficial and https://t.me/KoiStarterlaunchpad



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