Join KOISTARTER Community; Participate in the SURVEY and Earn Amazing Rewards!

Creator Platform made a remarkable milestone in November 2021 with the launch of its Launchpad–KoiStarter.

KoiStarter Launchpad is a secure ecosystem that allows upcoming crypto projects and blockchain startups to launch their products on the system before reaching the mainstream market.

The Launchpad grants community members early access to token sales at a lower price, that they can invest in before they hit the market and hike up in price.

KoiStarter has a bundle of unique features and provides startups with a secure, novel, and well-organized procedure for their token sales.

To be clear, KoiStarter does not just allow any project to join their Launchpad. Any crypto project who wishes to launch on KoiStarter is first vetted and then approved before its token sale can be conducted.

The distinguishing features of KoiStarter from other similar systems include:

1. The multi-chain support system, which supports ETH, BSC, and CTR pools and is also working on adding Polygon to its chain.

2. Its procedure of making sure projects are carefully hand-picked, put through rounds of rigorous testing, vetted, and made sure to be profitable before they are approved, makes it a sure bet for users.

3. Projects who launch on KoiStarter are well supported as the team will serve as partners who help these projects in marketing and executing the token listing and sales. The Launchpad will also help the liquidity of the tokens after sales through staking, vesting, etc.

4. The Launchpad thrives on fairness. All participants are distributed rewards fairly, either by using first come, first serve (FCFS) procedures during the IDO rounds or the benefits of inclusive guaranteed allocation tier.

5. KoiStarter is highly secured and a system you can trust as it is built by the blockchain experts who built the cutting-edge platform, Creator Chain.

Having understood the road paved to innovation and growth, KoiStarter appreciates all its users, investors, partners, and everyone who has believed in its Launchpad.

Yet, they believe that their customers’ feedback and suggestion on the platform and the Launchpad will generally help them improve and at the same time, create a better experience for their users, investors, and partners.

To do this and be a part of their growth experience, all that is required of you is to join in the “Survey” and give feedback by answering all the questions provided.

The good news is that you can give your feedback and earn a reward for doing so because KoiStarter is giving away 450USDT to 30 lucky participants!

Join the survey using this link. Contribute to KoiStarter today and stand a chance to win 15USDT!

Good luck!

In other news,

KoiStarter is pleased to announce to you that the $DLD tokens are now available to claim on its Launchpad.

Visit the DAOLand pool and claim your $DLD tokens now!

The smart contract address: 0x8fc68f19503ed28a4b72361ad8adcf7e0ee01b4c

If you want to know how to claim the tokens, read this:

To stay updated with KoiStarter news and announcements, follow their official channels:




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