Introducing the Shopify of NFTs - Asset Mantle

Samson Anthony
3 min readNov 29, 2021


Persistence has newly introduced AssetMantle - a decentralized marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and has launched it on the Cosmos interchain ecosystem.

The alpha decentralized application and testnet was made publicly accessible on the 15th of November, 2021 and it can be accessed via the following link:

Over three hundred (300) validators have created the node and the list of the validators is made available on:

As a framework of marketplaces for NFTs, AssetMantle was developed to support the creation of individual marketplaces by making it possible for anyone to easily mint (create) interoperable NFTs of diverse kinds and display them in custom marketplaces rather than displaying them on a general marketplace as is the case with other NFT marketplaces that do not support the creation of individual marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Built on the foundations of the interNFT standard, AssetMantle is an integral part of Persistence’s interNFT initiative that was developed under the sponsorship of the Interchain Foundation (ICF) to develop interchain standards for Metadata and Non-Fungible Tokens.

Hence, allowing, and exponentially increasing the ease at which AssetMantle NFTs flow across different marketplaces and Inter‑Blockchain Communication (IBC) connected blockchains without requiring any wallet or chain execution.
Some of the remarkable features of AssetMantle are as follows:

AssetMantle has a very friendly user interface and users do not require any sophisticated information technology skills to mint or transfer NFTs. It was designed to make it easy for artists and creators to set up, and customize their market space.

AssetMantle’s user interface also makes it easy for collectors to locate the collections of their favorite NFTs from across different chains. AssetMantle’s web app also supports Web2.0 integration, hence eliminating the intricacies of Web3.0 Hence providing users with an amazing experience.

AssetMantle offers tools and elements that enable users to create individual interoperable marketplaces for their NFTs and it also enables them to be transferred across different chains without the use of wallets and app implementation.

The problems that are accompanied by barriers of interoperability of the assets listed on various marketplaces have been a major concern to all the players involved, and have also been a crucial factor hampering the mass adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens.

AssetMantle supports multiple asset types ranging from audio, video, images, AR/VR amongst others. Giving users the ability to mint and trade a variety of supported assets.

AssetMantle makes use of the Tendermint Core consensus engine which utilizes the Delegated Proof of Stake (dPOS) consensus mechanism to validate transactions in place of Ethereum’s POW. Hence resulting in a reduction in the cost of transactions.

Hence completely removing complications in entering the market. Unlike Ethereum’s POW consensus algorithm which requires a tangible amount of energy to operate, the Proof of Stake consensus requires a considerably small amount of energy to process transactions.

Hence artists and creators on AssetMantle create ‘greener’ NFTs as compared to NFTs minted in other POW chains such as Ethereum.

In Conclusion, the persistence network has reached another milestone as they have succeeded in providing a sovereign solution (AssetMantle) to some of the problems in the industry namely; non-interoperability, limited on-chain, high costs of minting and transfer, and customizable metadata support.

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