Introducing Creator Testnet Launch

Creator Chain, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides No Code Smart Contract, Low Code DApp recently launched its Public Testnet, along with an invite scheme for community members to have a sneak peek at the technology and assist this project during this period of testing.

Magnet is the name of Creator Chain Testnet version, which is meant to attract the community’s attention to Creator’s new goods. The main goal of this launch is to collect data on the consensus process under more dynamic situations and at a bigger scale than they can handle internally. Hence, counting on users to assist them collect telemetry data and testnet experience as a whole so it can be analyzed and used to improve the development phase.

The features of this Testnet is listed as follows:

  1. Using the Ethereum-based tools users are already familiar with, such as MetaMask and Remix.
  2. Substrate Validator Set Pallet to add/remove authorities/validators using extrinsics, in Substrate-based PoA networks.

This initial Creator TestNet is solely for development purposes, and our engineering team is still working on it. Each candidate was given a specific amount of CTR tokens to test. Hence, users are awaiting feedback from the team.

About Creator Chain

Creator Chain is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that empowers the DeFi and NFT world by providing services such as No Code Smart Contracts, Low Code DApps, and more.

For genuine interoperability, user-driven network governance, and adaptations that focus on DeFi, NFT, and other Blockchain Services, Creator’s chain is built on Polkadot/Substrate.

For more information, visit:




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