Samson Anthony
3 min readAug 28, 2022

Are you on social media? And do you create content? Then, that is a great place to start. You are contributing, in one way or the other, to the knowledge bank of your audience.

Value adding starts from there — creating content that appeals to your audience.

Value is often misconstrued and narrowed down to being educative. Although, it is that, it can also be more, such as:

✓ Entertainment and Humor,

✓ Information,

✓ Products and Services,

…and more you can think of.

I am sure you already have an idea of how you can add value on social media. But let me still try to paint a clearer picture for you.

You are an cultural artist with hands-on skill in painting and creating cultural relics. You can appeal to your audience educational and in entertainment.

If you make content on tutorials about different cultural relics or paintings, or how to create them, etc, you are educating your audience.

And if you just paint or create these arts for your audience to watch and appreciate, you are soothing as well as entertaining and appealing to their sense of sight.

Either ways, you are adding value one way or the other or even both.

So what is it you do exactly? Are you a dancer? A comedian? A singer? A techie? A storywright? An analyst?

A content based on whatever you do adds value to your audience.

By intial structure social networks embrace the freemium model in adding value. Anyone can join social networks like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc and put their content on them for audience utility.

How Can You Apply Value Addition on Solcial

It is easy! Solcial is a social media platform which means whatever is attainable in contemporary social media is attainable in Solcial, and even in a better way.

You sign up on Solcial as a content creator and just like contemporary social media, you can utilize every feature of Solcial to entertain, educate, and/or inform your followers.

What is even more interesting is that while you create and add value to your audience, you are doing the same for yourself.

How Value Adding Is More Distinguishing On Solcial.

On Solcial, you effortlessly monetize your value and in a way, this helps to curtail the number of low quality content as we find rampant in contemporary media.

How much valueless content do you find littered on your news feeds when you go on any of the social media platforms you interact with? Would you ever pay for them?

Content of reduced value have no worth and receive little or no patronage.

In contemporary social media, people can post about anything because they feel the need to. But on Solcial, content creators get initiative, constructive, and creative because they have to put post what their audience and followers would find value in and prompt them to invest in.

When followers find value in the content you create, they become more interested to subscribe to more of your exclusive content and can pay just to have limited editions to your content.

That way, it is a two-way symbiotic and beneficial relationship. Value for Value. And it only gets better.

Solcial’s structure will make the network a run-to for value once it launches.

Be an early bird and join the community for added privileges and updates.

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