How Solcial is Facilitating the Fight Against Censorships and Secure Humans’ Right to Freedom of Speech.

Samson Anthony
4 min readJun 11, 2022

Censorships have become a great concern to every well-meaning individual who wishes to be free to express. Around the world, we have traces of these censors that deprive us of our right to speak just what we feel and how we feel it.

Some Case Studies

1. In August 2017, Twitter suspended over 20 accounts and took down more than 100 tweets that talked about the Kashmir conflict & showed support or sympathy for their independence movement.

This affected several journalists and activists who had dared to give their opinion about the crisis. According to the Indian government, these tweets went against Section 69A of India’s Information Technology Act.

The act ensures that no one publishes any content that is believed to be a threat to its Country’s security, sovereignty, integrity, or defense. Any content of such would be deleted, or banned, and the creator can be sanctioned.

2. Another example is Egypt, a country with a high censorship rate as it is extremely dangerous to criticize the government. Being one of the most developed countries in Africa, this comes as a surprise, but from the looks of it, the world is never fully developed to embrace human rights.

According to, there have been major cases of attacks on its citizens’ right to express themselves. Since 2018, at least 113 people have been arrested for very absurd reasons, some of which include tweeting, satire, supporting football clubs, giving interviews, denouncing sexual harassment, etc.

3. The U.S records a lot of gag orders that trample on the civil rights of its citizens.

Gag orders are restrictive laws used as time-honored tools to keep sensitive or embarrassing information out of public knowledge. However, there is no denying that all information is information and could be helpful.

There have been cases of restrictions in:

✓ What healthcare and family planning providers say about abortion to prevent women from considering or carrying out the process.

✓ What the media and others can reveal about subpoenas in order not to reveal the extent of the surveillance activities going on around us.

✓ What teachers say to prevent the reveal of tests and exam answers after the exercises have been done, which is absurd.

In April 2021, the Principal of a Public School wrote in the New York Times, “I’d like to tell you what was wrong with the tests my students took last week, but I can’t.”

— — — —

But why restrict these answers? Wouldn’t that help to enlighten other students better?

Looking at the list above, I’m sure you are wondering, “how do they all warrant censorships that in some cases, may lead to arrest?” How more smudged can one’s human rights be?

One of the major disadvantages of the Web2 means of disseminating information is that you have no other option than to stick to the rigid laws of the State. The social network enforces it by banning you or in a worst-case scenario, you can get tracked and traced through your personal data and you would have to face the effects of violating the law.

However, our right to speak out on our grievances and voice our opinion is essential to us as humans. It is inherently unfair that we are subjected to this fate at the expense of our freedom.

How long will we be subjected to silence? Solcial is the revolution!

What You Should Know About Solcial

Solcial is a Web3 social network that gives you access to a safe mode of content & information dissemination where there a no censorship, no monitoring, and total privacy of your profile. You have the full liberty to air your views and stay clear of bans and arrests.

Solcial is a decentralized network, hence there is no central control. It also does not store your private information, meaning you are not trackable. Its idea is to create a safe space where everyone can air their views and content and at the same time, earn from it.

How is Solcial Network Enhancing Free Speech?

Censorships have made the world lack transparency which continuously fuels distrust in people.

People can hardly post the facts without looking over their shoulders or getting restricted, so they remain skeptical about revealing certain truths and would rather keep mute.

However, with Solcial your freedom of speech is secured.

To solve the issue of restrictions, Solcial aims to let us all share information and content in an open manner without dictatorship.

Solcial will be taking control by breaking the shackles of restriction on Web2 social networking. With decentralization, there is no central power to trigger censorship.

Everyone is fully in control of the information they put on the network. No bots, central server, or central authority exist in the system to bring in personal data of its users or effect a trigger with computed censor options.

The power of choice will be vested in the users to perceptively select what they want to see or unseen. They can upvote or downvote the content based on what they feel.

If a user does not feel good about content, he/she can keep it hidden, preventing the content from never coming up on his news feeds.

So, instead of the network to censor the content without having to be known by the public, the public decides to carry out self-censorship if it does not go in line with their views. This way, everyone has the right to free speech.

Note: No one should be in the power to decide what we should or should not say. Where there are a lot of restrictions on freedom to act, you find out its citizens are subjected to bondage. We can’t continue to live that way; Social is the way out!

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