Have an Investment Booster Peek at What the Comdex Network Has Achieved in the First Half of the Year and Few Weeks Past

Samson Anthony
4 min readAug 4, 2022

There are many reasons why the Comdex network is worthy of your investment. An infrastructure layer of Cosmos ecosystem, the Comdex network is trustworthy when it comes to preserving your digital assets, especially via its product suite.

All ranging from its blockchain to its Commodo borrow and lend bank, Comdex has lots of good to offer, playing vital roles in making finance decentralized and democratized, focusing mainly on InterBlockchain technology and liquidity pooling; and ever since its mainnet blockchain was launched in November of 2021, Comdex has been evidently pushing forward its goals.

The date 20/11/21 will ever remain in the archives of Comdex’s history, as the day the network launched its blockchain and became a complete decentralized network.

Among Comdex’s goals, there lies the aim to build a connective bridge between the worlds of traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). They are not losing this vision, as they have achieved a lot via the launch of their cAssets app, the $CMST stable coin, etc, all of which are tools for the construction of the bridge.

Q1 of 2022

The Comdex network does not only tell its users to invest in them, but enlightens you on the basic things to note, and how to go about your chip-ins into the network.

In a bid to educate members of their global community, Comdex embarked on a series of informative posts on their social media handles, focusing on how to use the native $CMST token and how to get benefits off of it.

Not just that alone; a special airdrop on www.airdrop.comdex.one was held for quite a handful of communities under the Cosmos umbrella. Users of the $ATOM, $XPRT, and $OSMO tokens were able to gain $CMDX, and this expanded the range of distribution of Comdex’s native token. And they went ahead, introducing the native CMDX token on the widely popular Osmosis staking pool.

In March Alone

Then came March, and members of the community got a glimpse of the awaited decentralized synthetics exchange forum, as Comdex’s development team tried their best to launch the cAssets web app for the eager members. The launch came on the 31st of March, and now, you can exchange your physical commodities for cAssets (with monetary value), using $CMDX as a means of collateral.

Within a span of thirty-one days, Comdex had reached a total of more than 35,000 wallets for $CMDX, with the total block height surpassing two million. Transactions had soared above 400,000 blocks, while the staking ratio of users had peaked at 67% that month.

The total estimated value of $CMDX in Osmosis liquidity pools had gone past 9.5 million US dollars, given that the CMDX token was only launched on Osmosis a month aback.

Q2: The Start of a New Era

April saw the total membership of Comdex surpass 60,000 $CMDX users. This month launched Comdex into an era of greater heights, and increased the network’s trust among users who soon invited more users to join.

For a second time, the Synthetics Decentralized Exchange was released with better features than the first, given that the first was a beta test site. More than 58,000 accounts signed up for the cAssets web app after its main release, and it recorded great feedbacks and trust.

April 25th witnessed the Town Hall event, in which members of the community, high tech professionals in the blockchain world, top executives, etc, sat together to discuss the future of the network, which set the pace for more developments. In just April alone, Comdex recorded way more than 25,000 followers on Twitter, following the launch of the reputable Comdex Academy.

As of the start of July, the number of followers on Twitter had surpassed 26.3K, and this is still on the increase. As for the academia, it is still under development, but sessions are still ongoing. The number of transactions by April had reached 5280

The platform passed 25,000 followers on Twitter after the launch of the Comdex Academy. The number of transactions on the Comdex blockchain was just under 529,000. Last but not least, block height passed 2,300,000.

APR of 183% on Osmosis Zone

Most recently, it emerged that $ATOM/$CMDX liquidity pool №600 on the app Osmosis Zone was providing the record APR of 183%. You can bond liquidity to earn swap fees and have additional bonding incentives for 76 days. The bonus bonding reward is up to 700,000 $CMDX.

Comdex Ecosystem

CosmWasm, a multichain smart contracts solution, was integrated into the Comdex chain, enhancing its development capabilities.

Comdex also introduced Harbor Protocol with a composite stablecoin ($CMST) and its protocol governance token ($HARBOR). On June 17, Comdex wrote on their blog that they were introducing Commodo, an IBC-native, decentralized, collateralized lending and borrowing platform on their blockchain.

What’s Next For Comdex?

Comdex is constantly finding new ways to add to the Cosmos ecosystem and better their users’ experiences. We look forward to the launch of Commodo, Harbour and a few other surprise Comdex has up their sleeve.

Keep up-to-date with their progress on all their social media accounts.

About Comdex

Comdex is a large decentralized synthetics protocol in the Cosmos crypto network. As a product of the Persistence platform, the Comdex network develops a large pool of possible solutions for the decentralization of finance, by handing over to investors the knowledge about a widened scope of asset classes and rewarding projects.

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