Samson Anthony
3 min readMar 13, 2023

The Silicon Valley IT behemoths’ total hegemony is giving way to peer-to-peer networks, which operate independently of third parties, as the internet’s economic engine becomes increasingly decentralized. Apple’s Siri, Wolfram Alpha, NFTs, and a number of cryptocurrency exchanges enabled by blockchain protocols, such as Privi, are examples of this technology.

By distributing many of the online wealth-generating opportunities that had consolidated in the hands of the very few, this system redistributing online wealth-generating opportunities protects data privacy by allowing average users to find value, interact with data, and, most importantly, make more money with the internet. And as a result, 16% of Americans, or one in every six, now earn a living online. As web3 gains traction, this number is only anticipated to increase. Solcial uses Web3 to give authors, consumers, and anybody else on the social network more payment choices.

Monetizing your Audience;

Everyone has the opportunity to generate money on Solcial. Let’s say you like to share amusing jokes on social media. You would make 0% money from this on Web2 platforms. Yet you can immediately monetize this for the proper audience using Solcial. If you’re humorous, people can buy some of your creator tokens to access any exclusive content you may have. Who knows, this information might be in your favorite jokes or memes. It is absolutely up to you what you decide to do.

On Solcial, you are able to run your own company and manufacture your own products.

Investing in Upcoming Creators:

To make money on Solcial, you don’t even need to be creative; all you need to be is a fan. Instead of being the first, you were among the first customers who bought this user token. Let’s assume that the creator carries on producing valuable material and that, as a result of the initial token sales, they have been able to raise the standard of their work and grow their audience.

There are now 100 persons holding tokens as opposed to ten before. But because there is more demand for the token, its cost has increased as well. As a result, you can now sell three of the tokens for $5 each, as opposed to buying five of them for $15 at a cost of $3 each. You will consequently get a $15 return on your initial payment and keep both of your game tokens.

Solcial is altering the dynamic between producers and customers by enabling both to make money and accumulate wealth on Web3. Fans can now buy a piece of a creator’s climb to success rather than just watching and enjoying it.

Buy and sell NFTs;

Future iterations will allow individual users to purchase NFTs from creators and show them on their Solcial profile. Users could be able to sell their NFT for a profit if the author becomes more well-known. Joining groups of people who share your interests is another way to support a creator. You can even earn money from your group by minting NFTs. Should you be a maker.

Although this is just another Web3 revenue stream, it has the potential to ultimately be advantageous for both the user and the person who created the Solcial. You can effectively run your own business on Solcial by providing your services to token holders. The demand for your services increases as the token price rises. This not only helps you, but it also motivates prospective employers to buy your token and give you prospects for promotion.

In Conclusion, I see Solcial as an escape to web2 cages of losing out on some profits made, censorship and the likes.

Welcome to the world of decentralization with Solcial.