Easter Week 2022: The Comdex Experience

Ever since its inception in 2018, Comdex has been scaling newer heights each year. From launching CMDX tokens to launching the Comdex Web App, many events, absolutely commendable, have taken place over the years.

What has kept the platform running thus far into the year 2022 is its first-hand vision of building an economic bridge for the transportation of commodities and assets from the real world to the blockchain industry.

While building several projects on its ecosystem, Comdex is eagerly working towards the summative development of its vision “ShipFi,” which will ultimately aid Comdex’s mission, hence its name.

The agenda driving the force to accelerate the speed to ShipFi kicked off last year, 2021, with the launch of Comdex Web App’s predecessor, its testnet. The month of March 2022 saw the launch of Comdex’s main Web App on DevNet the 31st, and this month of April has seen developments within the Comdex space.

The Easter Week was just as busy as other weeks and below are some of the major happenings within the Comdex community in the Easter Week.

1. Staking Rewards/Guide

Did you know that henceforth, you can now stake CMDX and earn a bountiful return of 41 percent per annum? Now you know.

Comdex, in a bid to get all it’s users acquainted to one of its most rewarding exercise — staking, has released a guide on @StakingRewards to help make the journey easier.

The good thing about staking your $CMDX tokens is that you earn high rewards and APRs of up to 40% and above.

Be updated about the current APR value by checking: https://www.stakingrewards.com/journal/how-to-make-42-3-staking-your-comdex/

2. Press Release

NewsBTC released a new article about the Comdex platform. NewsBTC (a renowned website which writes articles about events happening within the cryptocurrency industry, world, and universe as a whole), wrote intensively on the attributes of being a member of the institution, including the benefits of synthetic assets.

Comdex, with so much excitement, shared the information with its community. Read here: https://www.newsbtc.com/news/company/how-a-game-changing-decentralized-synthetic-exchange-aims-to-unlock-the-true-value-of-commodities-and-digital-assets-on-chain/

3. Publicity

Asides the NewsBTC corporation, other companies and newspaper publishers have been writing — one way or the other — about the Comdex platform, and this has been increasing its fame.

The New Journal Tutorial released by Comdex is an easy-to-follow through guide towards your $CMDX staking journey. It covers:

✓ How to stake your $CMDX

✓ How much you can earn from staking $CMDX, and other crucial details.

Get the full insight to staking $CMDX here: https://www.stakingrewards.com/journal/how-to-make-42-3-staking-your-comdex/

4. Superfluid Staking

With the recent developments going on in the Comdex ecosystem, advancive reformations are being carried out to make the network more profitable for all its users.

Comdex, therefore, has upgraded its staking pools for $CMDX on the Osmosis Pool making it superfluid! Pool #601 with staking pairs, $OSMO / $CMDX is now live with a higher overall APR of 101%. This means a 15% extra increase to the overall APR, which makes staking on this pool more beneficial for stakers.

This Superfluid Staking will create a bond liquidity to various minimum unbonding period where users can earn OSMO liquidity reward and swap fees.

Here is where you can stake your $CMDX for Superfluid rewards: https://app.osmosis.zone/pool/601

5. DevNet-2 now LIVE!

Devnet-1 of the cAssets dApp has been under the debugging process to have all problems and bugs reported by the Comdex community and users fixed.

After the debugging, Devnet-2 is now LIVE with amazing new features added to its Webapp.

Among the new features, users can now bring $ATOM, $LUNA, $OSMO faucets (that is, testnet tokens) to trade and use on the cAsset WebApp.

Users of Devnet-1 will already have 15k $CMDX test tokens on Devnet-2. There is no need for existing users to claim the $CMDX faucet again.

All this is to make sure that everything in the Devnet is working as they should be and all ready so that transition to the incentivized testnet can be smooth and people would not have any issue while they are using it to earn rewards.

Devnet WebApp: https://dev-cassets.comdex.one/

Faucet: https://faucet.comdex.one/

6. Comdex Academy

Comdex has now released the version 1 of the Comdex Academy, where new and curious users can learn all they need to know about Synthetics and the different facets of cAsset — the Decentralized Synthetics Exchange.

Those who are early in attendance will have access to the first cAsset module in the Academy and be given a head start on what next will come in the series of modules explaining every detail and utility of the Comdex ecosystem.

As Comdex is working towards an incentivized testnet soonest, also know that the Academy will also be a part of this testnet and users will be incentivized only they finish a course.

The Academy is now Live! Visit the link to join in: https://academy.comdex.one

Stay tuned for upcoming updates on the Comdex platform.

Be a member of the Comdex community worldwide, earn CMDX tokens, airdrops from time to time, higher staking annual percentage yields, and other extra benefits. What are you waiting for?

About Comdex

Comdex is a decentralized synthetics protocol in the Cosmos crypto network; and as a product of the Persistence platform, Comdex develops possible solutions for the decentralization of finance (DeFi) by handing over to investors the knowledge about a widened scope of asset classes and rewarding projects.

To keep up with updates concerning Comdex’s monetization processes, you can follow up on:

Website| https://comdex.one/home

Twitter| https://twitter.com/ComdexOfficial

Telegram| https://t.me/ComdexChat

Medium| https://blog.comdex.one

Reddit| https://reddit.com/r/ComdexOne/.


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