Earn $15 USDT On Creator Now!

Samson Anthony
3 min readNov 14, 2021

In extravaganza and spree of the blast-off of KoiStarter launchpad and Creator Staking Pool, the Creator Platform has begun a quiz for partakers to read up about these takeoffs and, at the same time, amass prizes.

The Creator Platform is exclusively accountable for the choice and dispersion of the questions given in the tests.

To join the quiz, go to the Creator website. This opportunity will come to a close by 10 pm GMT+0 prompt, on Sunday, the 14th of November, 2021. Only the first 50 participants with correct answers to the questions will be winners of the $15 USDT prize.

Bear in mind that answers to the questions asked will not be supplied when you answer them.

Why? Is this not unfair? How do we know if we got it right or wrong? Why, why, and why?

In reality, it is not unfair if answers are not given. However, some contestants would not want to win the hard way, so they would resort to winning the easy way: cheating.

And of course, you don't have to know if you're right or wrong. After all, the ones setting the quiz wouldn't cheat you. It is the contestants themselves that are more liable to commit the offense of trickery.

How does this happen?

Some participants, once they set their minds to it, could use numerous wallets when they find out the valid answers. With this strategy, they can earn twice, thrice, quadruple, or even five times higher than what they are not rightfully entitled to. So the examiners avoid these occurrences by hiding all clues and answers to the quiz questions.

More About Creators Opportunities

Need more chances of earning hunks? You might just have found the right place to do so.

On the Creator platform, you can find more ways of earning money.

The $CTRs (Creator tokens), for example, can be staked upon Creator's Staking Pool. You could even earn up to 28% of what you have invested, at the end of the year. This is known as the 180-day locked pool, where you stake up your tokens and leave them mining till 180 days are over.

The other two types of staking pools on the Creator website include the no-lockup pool and 90-day locked pool.

The earlier allows you to earn at the end of the year between three to 5% of whatever you've invested since the year began, and you can invest tokens without withdrawal restrictions— you can retrieve your staked tokens whenever you wish.

However, the latter, like the 180-day locked pool, does not allow you to withdraw your tokens until a three-month-long period is reached; but you can earn 14% of what you have staked up since the year began, at the end of the year.

Find out more at support@creatorchain.network, to find out how you can fully optimize your staking abilities.

Apart from the staking pools, you can also gain KOI from Creator's launchpad dubbed KoiStarter, where 1$CTR equals 1KOI point. You can also stake Creator tokens on this website.

Need some more? How about you try farming tokens on GOEN?

GOEN is a forum run by KoiStarter, that qualifies its members to stake unused tokens at the loftiest annual percentage rate free of charge. With its Staking, Lending, and P, portfolio Management services, Goen Finance assists its members in multi-chain platforms.

You could also try playing the DoragonLand Game, a KoiStarter project. It compares with Clash Royales but can be utilized to mine and stake tokens for its players' advantages.

About The Creators Platform

This is a forum that boosts evolving apps and has joint affiliations with giant blockchain networks like Binance and Ethereum, in efforts to expand the crypto world.

It offers many background services and also operates, established, upon Polkadot's operability and customizations that concentrate on decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and o, the cryptographic services.

See more at info@creatorchain.network.