DoragonLand’s Partnership With Unix Game Guild Is About To Get Groovier!!!

UniX is one of the largest guilds in the gaming metaverse, boasting an estimated total of 190,000 members. It is live on

A guild is an organized video game (primarily online) where a group of players who regularly play together or against each other in the multiplayer section.

A metaverse, as we all may know it, is a virtual reality universe in which players are immersed with potentials both socially and economically.

In the continuous economic growth, improvements, and evolution of the gaming universe in relation to cryptocurrency, the platform aims at establishing a real virtual economic system situated live in the gaming universe, using tokens created by decentralized autonomous organizations, cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs are crypto-assets which can be bought within a game.

UniX bases its operations on P2E (pay-to-earn) online virtual reality games, trying the same time to educate people on how to go about their lives in the metaverse.

Presently, the live gaming price of UniX today is approximately US$0.6 with an estimated volume of $659k per day.

Via their profits from P2Es, the UniX platform gives scholarships to players who come from underdeveloped nations. The platform, through its to-be-created P2E called Unity, will add to the increase in scholarships.

What’s more? These scholars have grouped themselves to form one of the largest online gaming P2E communities in the human world. Moreover, both players and non-players alike have chances to earn incomes from the pay-to-earns.

The gaming platform’s management trains and supports players whom they have seen to be regarded as talented, helping these geniuses scale through at high levels of performance.

The UNIX token would be used to sponsor them, enabling the entire UniX community to be more active in the expansion of the platform.

UniX’s Arie Infinity, a virtual reality metaverse, enables people buy three Axie non-fungible tokens (a total of approximately US$2,500), but it is merely nothing but a dream-come-true for people living in underdeveloped nations.

Therefore, the platform sees the need for scholarships. You may kindly visit for more information.

With the above advantages in mind, DoragonLand is set to utilize UniX in benefitting its gameosphere in so many ways.

How Has The UniX Scholarships Got Anything To Do With DoragonLand?

It is quite easy to say that Doragon will benefit a lot from its partnership with Unix Gaming. Via this alliance, the earlier’s players would be able to assess sponsorships from the latter.

In other words, members of the Doragon community would be able to gain access (averagely, if not unlimitedly) to benefits which players of games not affiliated with UniX would not have.

About DoragonLand

DoragonLand is backed by the Creator Platform, polygon and other good-ranking crypto-related platforms, and proudly secured by Certik. It is a 3D tower battle-royale type of game which comprises the usage of non-fungible tokens and blockchain tech specs to create duels among the players who are represented by dragon characters.

The game’s purpose is for players to receive rewards of NFTs and $DOR (the platform’s tokens), thereby establishing an easy means of earning good income. Not only can you earn tokens, you could also trade them on the platform’s Mirana Marketplace to accrue huge benefits. Moreover, you could farm, mine and invest these tokens via staking on the $DOR staking pools to grow funds overtime. You own your tokens, and not the platform.

Are you a lover of games? A game genius? A game freak? Then what are you waiting for? Feel it a great way to utilize your passion into productive uses. Join the game, join the fun, and join the prom!

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