DoragonLand Introduces A “Staking Competition” For Its Supporters

In solid appreciation for the support the gaming platform has received from many, DoragonLand is excited to announce a new order of contests, which involves staking: the “staking competition.”

With the enormous advancements centered upon various wonderful happenings, crucial landmarks have been set up on the platform.

Owing to this and the growth of DoragonLand’s staking forum, launched on the 10th of December, 2021, the gaming network’s management has decided to pay its supporters in a manifold number of ways, one of which includes the opportunity of staking Doragon tokens to earn nice rewards.

What Is The Staking Competition About?

In this contest, you would be able to obtain a fair amount of benefits when you stake some $DORs (the Doragon tokens), from December 15th, 2021 to the 15th of January, 2022.

Have you staked up before the starting date? If so, then there is no problem with that. You do not need to withdraw or forfeit your tokens.

Why? This is because you are fully covered.

How? Easy. The gains applied to the staking competition are likewise applied to all stakes into the 60-day and 120-day locked-up staking pools, before the ending date.

This means that even if you started staking $DOR already, you are entitled to the benefits of the staking competition.

If you are among the top 3 competitors who stake the highest three amounts of $DOR at the end of the contest, you will earn an “extra-epic” non-fungible token.

This extra-epic token has very high value of exchange, and it would be a good choice if you invest it into more productive outlets, such as the DoragonLand’s Mirana Marketplace or its farming systems.

Also, if your wallet address (where you store the tokens and receive benefits) is among the top 20 in terms of staked $DORs, you will be given 20 USDTs as a reward for your effort on the D-Day (10am prompt, as mentioned earlier).

The annual percentage rate for the staking competition is 18% for the 60-day locked pool, while the 120-day locked pool supplies an APR of 45% per year.

These rates are applicable to all those who have been staking since the inception of the DoragonLand staking pools on the 10th of December, 2021.

Note that the annual percentage rate for staking in the pools will return to their initial APRs, once the staking competition is over. This means that the APR for the 60-day locked pool would be down to 9%, and the APR for the 120-day locked pool would normalize at 20%.

You will lose your hard-earned special benefits if you do not collect them on the D-Day. Beware! Nobody would be at fault but you, if that happens.

“Locked Pools”? What Are They?

Locked pools are the staking pools or reserves where you stake your $DORs on a specified time range. DoragonLand makes use of three staking pools, two of which are locked.

The non-locked pool allows you to withdraw your staked tokens anytime you wish; the two locked pools (60-day and 12-day) requires you to wait till the specified time frame since you dropped your stake is over.

If you drop 2 $DORs into the 60-day locked pool today, you will have to wait for the next 60 days before you can withdraw them.

The staking competition does not make use of the non-locked staking pool, so only users of the locked pools are allowed to benefit from the contest.

Interesting! How can someone join the pools?

Joining the pools is an easy task. You just need to visit, then begin staking and scaling through the competition, aiming for the high places.

Follow the steps given on

Note again… the competition comes to a close by 10am prompt, January 15th, 2021. All benefits attached to it will be relinquished if not collected by their owners.

About DoragonLand

DoragonLand is backed by the Creator Platform, polygon and other good-ranking crypto-related platforms, and proudly secured by Certik. It is a 3D tower battle-royale type of game which comprises the usage of non-fungible tokens and blockchain tech specs to create duels among the players who are represented by dragon characters.

The game’s purpose is for players to receive rewards of NFTs and $DOR (the platform’s tokens), thereby establishing an easy means of earning good income. Not only can you earn tokens, you could also trade them on the platform’s Mirana Marketplace to accrue huge benefits. Moreover, you could farm, mine and invest these tokens via staking on the $DOR staking pools to grow funds overtime. You own your tokens, and not the platform.

Are you a lover of games? A game genius? A game freak? Then what are you waiting for? Feel it a great way to utilize your passion into productive uses. Come on; join the game, join the fun, join the contest, and join the prom!

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