PolygonDogechain to Migrate to Polygon zkEVM Using Polygon CDK Technology.

Samson Anthony
4 min readNov 30, 2023

Polygon CDK technology is a new way of building scalable and customizable Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum.

It leverages the power of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to provide fast and cheap transactions, while preserving the security and compatibility of the Ethereum mainnet. Polygon CDK technology enables developers to create their own ZK-powered Layer 2 chains that are tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Dogechain is a blockchain that runs on Polygon CDK technology and is currently a Polygon PoS chain. However, in a quest to achieve even higher scalability and privacy, as well as more flexibility and control over its network parameters, Dogechain has decided to migrate to Polygon zkEVM, which is a Layer 2 solution that supports the full functionality of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) using ZKPs.

Dogechain’s migration to Polygon zkEVM will be a significant step towards achieving its vision of becoming the leading platform for meme-based tokens and NFTs on Ethereum.

What is Polygon zkEVM and What are the Advantages?

Polygon zkEVM is a Layer 2 scaling solutions built with Polygon CDK technology. It uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to enable full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The solution allows developers to deploy any smart contract or dApp that is compatible with Ethereum, without any code changes, and also offers seamless interoperability with other Polygon Layer 2 chains, such as Polygon PoS and other Polygon CDK-powered networks. Developers can also benefit from the same developer tools and wallets that work seamlessly with Ethereum.

Polygon zkEVM is powered by state-of-the-art ZK technology, which ensures the validity and correctness of the transactions, while hiding the details and data from the public. As such, it provides a high level of scalability, privacy, and security for the users and developers.

Polygon zkEVM offers several advantages over other scaling solutions, such as:

1. Low Cost

Polygon zkEVM reduces the transaction cost by using ZKPs to compress many transactions into one proof that is verified on the Ethereum mainnet. This reduces the amount of data that needs to be stored on the mainnet, and optimizes the user cost.

2. High Performance

Polygon zkEVM achieves fast network finality with frequent validity proofs that are generated by Polygon Zero technology, the fastest ZK proof in the world. Polygon Zero technology uses recursive STARKs, which are a type of ZKP that can verify other ZKPs, to achieve extreme scalability and efficiency.

3. EVM Equivalence

Polygon zkEVM supports the full functionality of the EVM, which means that any smart contract or dApp that is compatible with Ethereum can run on Polygon zkEVM without any modifications. This allows developers to focus on improving their code, rather than re-writing it for a different platform.

4. Security

Polygon zkEVM inherits the security of Ethereum, as the transactions are validated by the Ethereum mainnet. The solution also uses ZKPs to ensure the transaction validity and safeguard the user funds, by hiding the details and data from the public, which provides a high level of security and privacy for the users and developers.

Updates on Dogechain’s Migration to Polygon zkEVM Layer 2 Scaling Solution.

Using the Polygon CDK technology, Dogechain has plans of moving to Polygon zkEVM soon, but this is in the Governance Proposal Discussion phase. However, the community is very enthusiastic about the migration and there is a 90% chance of the vote passing.

The team has shared some updates on the migration process and the community’s involvement. Here are the main points:

1. The team has two options for migration:

- Option 1 is to move the whole Dogechain to the new zkEVM chain, which will cause a lot of technical debt and complexity.

- Option 2 is to start a new fresh chain with no technical debt and more flexibility.

2. The team and community prefer Option 2, as it will be simpler, faster, and more attractive for the chain’s growth and adoption. The option will also create more buzz and bring more projects to the chain.

3. The team will let the community decide on the migration through a voting process.

The voting will have multiple stages, such as:

- A first vote to determine if the community wants to migrate to Polygon CDK or another zkEVM solution.


- A second vote to determine the migration method; Option 1 or 2.

- Another vote (if Option 2 passes) to determine the tokenomics of the migration, such as airdrops, grants, burns, the gas token to maintain, etc.

4. The team faces a challenge in keeping $DOGE as gas on the Polygon CDK stack. Polygon is working on this integration, but it might take some time. The team is also looking for other ways to make $DOGE as gas possible before Polygon’s integration.

5. The team invites the community to join the Reddit Forum discussions and come up with different governance proposals for votes. The Reddit Forum link is here.

Dogechain is on the verge of a major upgrade that will enhance its scalability, performance, security, and compatibility with Ethereum. The migration to Polygon zkEVM will enable Dogechain to have its own dedicated blockspace and throughput, as well as more flexibility and control over its network parameters.

The community has a big role to play in making this happen. This is a great opportunity for the community to influence the future of Dogechain and make it one of the leading platforms for meme-based tokens and NFTs on Ethereum.

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