When the World Wide Web (WWW) emerged in the 90s, there were only a few content creators with vast majority of users scrambling for these scarce contents — a stage referred to as Web 1.0.

However, Web 2.0, which is an improvement of Web 1.0, came into effect in 2004. It allowed users to create contents, interact, and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue with a virtual community.

Despite its advantage over Web 1.0, Web 2.0 is laden with a lot of problems which has led to people clamouring for a higher version — Web 3.0.

Some Problems and Challenges of Web 2.0

1. Censorship

Moderation of contents by owners of these Web 2.0 media corrupts the idea of the creator.

2. Threat to Privacy and Security

Web 2.0 media tap into personal information to sell to advertizers because they desire to make profit of users. Users regularly give their information to third party entities who most times misuse them.

3. Spread of Fake News:

Social media has become channels for fake and irresponsible news. They are released without confirmation.

4. Political Maneuvering

Political agendas becomes dominant issues discussed. Thuggery, abusiveness, image damaging, and hate speeches are rampant.

5. Cybercrimes.

Cybercriminals take advantage of the simple and centralized structure of Web 2.0 social media to carry out their digital crimes such as data theft, identity theft, cyber fraud, etc.

6. Lack of adequate compensation to creators. Social platforms make money out of contents of creators with no adequate or most times no payments to them.

7. Undue Influence of Large Service Platforms

Over dominance of big service platforms silences content creators’ agitation whenever their contents are misused by the whales. For example, the gest for monetization has developed malpractices of data breaches among the service lords.

Solcial’s Solution To Web 2.0 Problems

Solcial is a Web3-powered decentralized social platform built on the Solana Blockchain for the purpose of providing solutions to the bordering problems of social media.

Solcial is a content monetized, non-controlled, and non-censored social media network. Its services are available for all.

How does Solcial effect the solutions?

  • As a Web3 platform, it allows autonomy, removes barriers of dictatorship, and secures users contents and information dissemination.
  • Everyone has control over their data they upload to the internet, which prevents censorship.
  • Solcial removes the hindrance of regulation of users inherent in Web2-supported social media, thereby allowing freedom and profitability.
  • Solcial offers community members a say on how contents are screened. Only with vast majority votes can contents be banned or removed.
  • P2P technics is introduced into the system also to protect contents as well as enhance monetization.
  • The high powered social platforms influence are deflated since community governance is operational.

For more information about Solcial, visit:

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