CTR Tokens And The Creator Staking Pool

The Creator Platform has established its staking pool on its website, to enable participants to use CTR tokens to earn more CTR.

They are behind the mechanisms of KoiStarter, a launchpad that offers early entries into Binance, Ethereum, and other blockchains' projects and markets.

Creator is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides low-code developing apps, no-code contracts, and other empowerment services for the crypto world.

Its establishment of a staking pool is another service that will help its members invest and earn more.

(Keyword: CTR = Creator tokens or coins; also known as $CTR.)

To join the Staking Pool, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Enroll in the Creator Platform website.

2. Choose the option tagged "Staking" on the menu’s toolbar.

3. You would see a menu with tags "Pools" and "Farming" at the upper left corner of the screen; and at the upper right corner, you would see networks to decide on, as well as a pink tab that says "connect to a wallet."

4. Select your choice network and receive your wallet.

Note: On that screen, under the corners, at the upper central part, you will see the following terms:

  • Total Staked = This is the cumulative number of $CTRs staked up to the current time.
  • CTR Price = The present value of CTR tokens in demand at the crypto market.
  • Total Volume 24h = Your entire volume of exchange during the past twenty-four hours.

Choose any of the three pools presented below, to stake CTR.

  1. No lockup pool.
    With this staking pool, you can stake one minute and peel off your stake the next. When you utilize stakes in this pool, you are bestowed a privilege of a 3-5% APR from every first token you stake. (Keyword: APR = annual percentage rate.)
  2. 90-day locked pool.
    Here, staking is not something you can just quit suddenly. Once you decide to put in some tokens into this staking pool, you have signed up taking off the tokens there till a total of three months (ninety days) is finished off. Note that with this pool, you are qualified to achieve a steady 14% rate of return bonuses per year.
  3. 180-day locked pool.
    You can only withdraw your stake in this pool for six months (180 days) after staking your CTR tokens. Also, you are granted a whooping total APR of 28% each year— the highest in the field.

On Creator Staking Pool, it is better advised that you stake your CTR tokens on the Ethereum network as well as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) because these are the two most supported blockchains of the Creator Platform.

Also, MetaMask, being one of the wallets in the crypto world that one can rely on, has gained full support from the Creator Platform. So, you could also make use of the wallet and be able to find your wallet address and balance on Creator, or connected status on MetaMask.

When you have staked, you can scan your previous staked time, the whole cost, and the proportion of staked $CTR on each staking pool.

If you wish to deposit any stake, you have to approve the Staking Pool website, to use CTR in your wallet. After approving CTR, you may need to deliver a little payment to ensure your entry. When you can pay and confirm, you will be conferred permission to commence staking CTR tokens.

To stake up, punch in the amount of $CTR you want to stake. Peradventure you wish to stake up whole, tap on “MAX” to invest all your CTRs in your wallet, furthermore press “STAKE”. Note that in the 90- and 180-day lockups, you will not be able to return the tokens till the time arrives.

Tap on “CONFIRM” after you are shown the confirmation request of how much CTR you punched in to stake up. Moving further, you will be shown a confirmation request of the fee you are to pay, then press on “CONFIRM” and check if the transaction is successful by tapping on “VIEW ON EXPLORER”. If yes, then you have completed the staking of your $CTRs.

It is important to note that the faster you register and stake up in the pool, the better it is for you.


When the total amount of all pool stakers' investments on the pools reaches a level of three million $CTRs, they will be locked automatically.

When this happens, no one would be able to stake up anymore, but participants who staked up before would be given the privilege of retrieving their staked-up values with benefits. This situation would be somewhat a kind of mining stage.

In conclusion, start staking your CTR tokens right now or never, because a minute is worth more than one can expect. Do not forfeit your chances.

For more information, visit;

Website: www.creatorchain.network

Twitter: www.twitter.com/CreatorCTR




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