Commodo Finance is Live on Mainnet! Boost Your IBC Portfolio with Comdex’s DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platform.

Samson Anthony
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Commodo Finance is Live on Mainnet! Boost Your IBC Portfolio with Comdex’s DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platform.

Comdex announced the full launch of its lending and borrowing protocol — Commodo on January 7th, 2023 which amassed high-level traction gaining over $164K+ TVL in under 2 weeks.

Decentralized lending has achieved high adoption in DeFi, making DeFi lending platforms one of the most used platform is DeFi platforms in the industry.

The Cosmos ecosystem may have been limited in lending and borrowing platforms but with the introduction and launch of Commodo, more and more users are drawn to the inherent potential of DeFi in Cosmos, Comdex, and Commodo.

A very crucial benefit of DeFi lending to the DeFi sector is that it enables users who need or want to engage in some financial activities to expand their portfolio and gain some revenue.

It is like in Traditional Finance; you need some money to invest in a business idea and do not have enough capital to start, so you take out a loan after depositing collateral. You can start paying back in bits at an interest rate and if you cannot pay back after a period of time stipulated, your collateral is sold/liquidated to pay the bad debt.

This also applies to DeFi lending. Maybe a user needs a certain amount of an asset he or she does not have or has in insufficient amount to farm, provide liquidity, or trade to earn yields, the user can just borrow the asset using another asset he/she has as collateral — stablecoins, tokens, derivatives, synthetic assets, in some cases, NFTs, etc.

Built on the Comdex chain, Commodo is a decentralized, IBC-native, collateralized lending and borrowing platform in Cosmos. Users can borrow IBC assets, using IBC assets as collateral.

The platform uses cPools, which are the pools on Commodo where lenders can deposit their assets for borrowing and borrowers can borrow these lent assets.

With its Lend Module concept and solidarity pairings, Commodo is uniquely positioned in the lending borrowing platform industry to maintain a balance between security and capital efficiency.

What Are The Benefits of Commodo Finance?

1. Commodo supports IBC-enabled assets so all Cosmos users can be covered within no time.

Already, 9 Cosmos assets have been listed on Commodo within a few weeks of mainnet launch: $ATOM, $OSMO, $JUNO, $USDC, #stATOM, $WETH, $WBTC, $WMATIC, $DAI.

More proposals are being added every week on Comdex and these include proposals to add more assets to the list of assets on their dApps, Commodo being one of them.

2. Because Commodo supports IBC assets, it is interoperable with the entire Cosmos ecosystem, enabling IBC users to be able to utilize their tokens by lending them in the platform to generate yields.

3. Users earn rewards for providing liquidity, (lending their assets) to listed IBC asset cPools. Instead of leaving these assets idle, they can accrue more yields and help in boosting holders’ portfolios in a highly volatile market.

4. On Commodo, you take long positions by lending your assets to cPools and short positions by borrowing assets from cPools.

5. Arbitraging opportunities are available for users to capitalize on when there is high volatility in the market such as yield arbitrage to enable lenders get a better pricing of their assets despite volatility.

6. Comdex transaction fees are very low and the transfer of assets is done almost instantly, this makes interacting with Commodo very smooth and effortless.

7. Commodo solves the issue of fragmented liquidity as a result of the high number of different pools with a lending module that uses isolated money markets with two bridged assets — $CMST, Comdex’s overcollaterized stablecoin, and $ATOM, Cosmos’ native token.

The isolated money markets are created through governance using the assets that are whitelisted in the platform and Commodo creates liquidity for listed IBC assets by pooling them in cPools with the preset bridged assets, $CMST and $ATOM.

This creates money market modules like OSMO-CMST-ATOM, CMDX-CMST-ATOM, JUNO-CMST-ATOM, etc. This way, instead of having multiple lending pairs for one asset, the pairing is limited to a single lending pair for one asset and liquidity is concentrated and deeper in that pair unlike when it is shared to different pools.

In addition, all requirements for loans such as maturity, interest rate, collateral, etc are handled by the modules of Commodo finance which is agreed on by governance proposals and votes.

Join Commodo Finance to begin your journey to gaining more passive income.

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About Comdex

Comdex is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that focuses on bridging the gap between traditional or centralized finance and DeFi.

Comdex is a hub for synthetic and crypto asset protocols which allows traders to access a broad range of assets in the financial markets and generate a maximum yield from safer avenues.

The protocols are designed to unlock access to major commodity debt assets and liquidity, aiming to enable seamless capital flow from DeFi to centralized finance.