Comdex’s cSwap DEX is Live on Mainnet! Features of the Interchain DEX

Comdex, in this last quarter of 2022, has worked hard in the development of its ecosystem and its products, already launching 2 of its first set of DeFi applications on Mainnet in the last week of November 2022, to power DeFi for Cosmos and begin the journey towards democratizing finance.

The launch of Harbor Protocol for $CMST minting and cSwap DEX, and the preeminent launch of Commodo help build the base layer for DeFi development in Cosmos.

What is cSwap?

cSwap DEX is the Comdex orderbook-style hybrid decentralized and AMM for the Interchain to carry out transactions of assets across chains.

cSwap is abbreviated from Comdex Swap. Before now, the cSwap operated a Beta Testnet in which early users tried to acquaint themselves with the DApp and spot bugs for the programming team.

However, the Mainnet was launched on the 26th of November, 2022, all ready for overall utilization.

Let’s take a walkthrough of the features of the new cSwap mainnet decentralized app (dApp).

The Features of cSwap

1. Trade

In the TRADE section of the app, you can exchange $CMDX with any other asset found in the ASSETS section of the same app.

Before exchanging, check your available amount and swap fee, which is usually 0.3% of the total amount of your transaction. You would have to connect your Keplr Wallet or ledger when you gain entry into the app before you can carry out any transaction in the future.

Your swap might be completed partially, or even canceled if there are price limits and/or no maintenance of pool stability.

For sales, go to the option for limit orders and click on it. You can sell $CMDX via the ATOM/CMDX pool, to get $ATOM tokens or any other enlisted asset; swiftly and easily, with a trade fee of roughly 0.3%.

You can also crosscheck your active orders, their identity verifications, expiries, and statuses, amongst others.

2. Holdings

When you go to the ASSETS section, you would find all the forelisted assets mentioned here earlier, with the total balance of your holdings all converted into the US dollar.

As of now, you can deposit and withdraw $ATOM, $OSMO, and $USDC tokens, via interblockchain technology. Each listed asset makes mention of how much you have, their prices, and the total quantity price per each.

You can also visit your ‘Portfolio’ to have deep insight into your wallet and activities.

3. Farming

Providing liquidity to your $CMDX pairs within liquidity pools is possible with cSwap.

The pools include:


Each of these liquidity pools is part of the Cosmos ecosystem, having their own separate liquidity counts and swapping APRs.

You can also shape a new CMDX/HARBOR child pool with a 2,000 $CMDX creation fee that would be automatically sent to the Comdex community pool.

$HARBOR is the governance of the Harbor Protocol, another arm of the Comdex network, focused on the stability of the Composite ($CMST) stablecoin.

4. Governance

From the cSwap dApp, you can connect with the Comdex Forum to get in on the act of joint community decision-making processes, checking out open, passed, pending, failed, and rejected proposals.

So far, 19 proposals have been made, and only one has been rejected. The $CMDX token is used to make decisions within the forum.

Join the cSwap application and get on with it, to raise your voting and liquidity staking rewards, via

Assets found within the cSwap app include:

  • $CMDX, the governance token of the Comdex network, at 13 cents.

Conversion rates are dated to November 2022. The USDC is not a Cosmos-based asset but is listed among the exchangeable assets on cSwap.

cAssets in cSwap

The cSwap platform also allows users to trade and “farm” unique digitized securities known as cAssets. These are tokens that are synthesized as collateralized debt positions (CDPs) in the Comdex-1 blockchain of the Cosmos ecosystem, to be collaterals in exchange for debts taken by users to take part in liquidity provision.

To be simply put, cAssets are converted from real-world commodities to be used as collaterals for debt assets, for the owners to be able to participate in the Comdex network’s liquidity pools.

By CDPs, the Comdex network means cAssets can be used to gain long and short timeframes (called positions) as collaterals for the liquidity mining debts they represent.

About Comdex

As a DeFi infrastructure layer of the Cosmos ecosystem, Comdex makes use of its network of financial solutions, giving these to their investors, along with major know-how about classes of assets as well as other beneficial projects.

To gain further information about the network, follow Comdex via the following:



Web App:








cSwap Telegram:

Composite & HARBOR Telegram:

cSwap Twitter:

HARBOR Twitter:



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