Comdex Wraps Up 2022 with a WhiteWhale Partnership to Increase its Liquidity and Arbitraging Opportunities.

2022 witnessed downhill events in the crypto industry — the fall of promising crypto organizations LUNA and FTX. The rundown of these well-esteemed projects was unprecedented and as a result, the fear led to the toppling down of the market into a more bearish season.

However, despite the unfortunate happenings in crypto generally, the year 2022 saw a tremendous pacesetting sequence of events happening within the Comdex network.

The team kept building, became the DeFi infrastructural layer of Cosmos, and unveiled 3 different megaprojects. Comdex has managed to surf through financially stormy tidal waves and make good use of the black swan era of the global blockchain industry.

Additionally, in 2022, Comdex went into strategic partnerships with amazing IBC protocols and cemented their steadiness on their journey to achieving more success in 2023.

Some of the collaborations Comdex had within 2022 with other goal-alike institutions include Crescent Network, Leap Cosmos, Pulsar Finance, OKX Chain, Oni Validator, Kado Money, Big Dipper, Osmosis, AssetMantle, ChiHuaHua, KiChain, Umee, StaFiHub, DeFi Yield, Skip Protocol, etc.

In the final weeks of 2022, Comdex proposed and integrated a new partner, White Whale to enable the bootstrapping of more liquidity and arbitraging opportunities into Comdex.

About White Whale

White Whale is an IBC liquidity protocol that aims at solving the problems of fractured liquidity and unstable pricing by liquidity across the Cosmos ecosystem with unique liquidity pooling and stabilization strategies, thereby enabling IBC DeFi protocols to stabilize their prices and increase their capital efficiency.

As a network that aims to decentralize investments, White Whale makes market-making and liquidations a lot easier via its Interchain Liquidity Protocol, which makes up two main components: the Interchain Command and Liquidity Hubs, incorporating market-making Bot-First Pools (BFPs) and Flash Loan Vaults (FLVs).

These units contain the base of White Whale while validating investment slots and uncollateralized loans.

White Whale’s proposal to fully partner with Comdex and delegate its Liquidity Hubs on the platform was approved by members of the community, via governance.

For this deployment, White Whale is receiving 250,000 CMDX tokens. This fund comes from 12.5% of the $CMDX total supply allocated for the incentivization of partners & builders according to the Comdex tokenomics.

The Benefits of the White Whale and Comdex Partnership.

1. White Whale is set to provide an expansive awareness for the $CMST stablecoin. Its arbitrage infrastructure can also be used to stabilize CMST.

2. The network will also offer liquidity on demand via the Interchain Command, as well as access to exclusive market-making engagements the more users offer liquidity to the hubs, which will — in turn — accelerate liquidity generation and liquidations on Commodo and the HARBOR Protocol.

3. White Whale’s Bot-First Pools will dish out citations for the cSwap decentralized exchange, thereby giving freewill to investors to collect short-term loans from the Flash Loan Vaults and invest in the price differences between cSwap and the BFPs, thus giving rise to the trade volume on cSwap and supplying more liquidity to the Comdex-1 blockchain.

4. White Whale has plans of linking all its Liquidity Hubs on Juno, Terra, Chihuahua, Injective, and Comdex, thereby establishing a liquidity-on-demand system that is in line with Comdex’s legacy of IBC liquidity interoperability.

5. As decentralized activities increase within Comdex, the Liquidity Hub on the platform will pull in interchain liquidity from the other hubs, to meet the steady demand. Meanwhile, White Whale’s configuration permits users of the Comdex network to have fringe benefits from partaking in market-making policies by supplying liquidity to the bot-first pools.

White Whale Funding Allocation

White Whale has received 250,000 $CMDX for the deployment and this funding will be used as follows:

1. 25% of the partnership’s funding vested in market expansion and the launch of at least two mirrored pools (ATOM/CMDX and CMDX/CMST) and two Flash Loan Vaults (CMST and ATOM) on cSwap.

2. Another 25% of the fund will go to the building of the CMST/axlUSDC pools on Terra and Comdex.

3. 50% of the funding would be released three months recurringly for two years to supply the $CMST stablecoin with market coverage and peg stabilization, starting with the installation of its arbitrage infrastructure, including but not limited to an ATOM/CMST pool on Terra.

However, members of the Comdex community may ask for more pools depending on their needs.

In the prevalent bear market, external funding is nearly impossible for White Whale, hence the project was allocated this funds to sustainably increase liquidity and incentivize all pools, making the dApps of Comdex more attractive to users.

How Soon Will White Whale’s Integration Into Comdex Take Place?

In the second week of December, a governance proposal to integrate White Whale was sent for Comdex community voting and passed and White Whale took up plans to integrate as soon as possible.

According to the timeline released by both parties, for the rest of 2022, White Whale deployed its protocol on Comdex DevNet and is actively testing it out. Also, White Whale is working on becoming a Comdex Validator.

By January 2023, White Whale will be working on the deployment of its liquidity protocol on Comdex Mainnet.

In summary, both parties have strategically planned to soar above the woes of the bear market come 2023.

About Comdex

Comdex is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that focuses on bridging the gap between traditional or centralized finance and DeFi.

Comdex is a hub for synthetic and crypto asset protocols which allows traders to access a broad range of assets in the financial markets and generate a maximum yield from safer avenues.

The protocols are designed to unlock access to major commodity debt assets and liquidity, aiming to enable seamless capital flow from DeFi to centralized finance.











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