A lot has happened in the past few months and there is so much to talk about, the Comdex team has been striving to become better and have been moving with so much momentum and vigor to achieve their goals and deliver top-notch services to their clients. The past week has not been an exception as there have been numerous exciting events, announcements, and updates from the democratizers of finance — Comdex.

Some of the incredible feats achieved by Comdex in the past week are the launch of their mainnet, and the launch of the $CMDX liquidity bootstrapping pool (LBP) on Osmosis decentralized exchange, to mention but a few.

The purpose of this article is to present a highlight of some of the major events of last week. For details of the updates from the previous week, check out the blog post below:

The highlights of some of the events from last week are briefly presented below:

  • Comdex Launched Their Mainnet on Cosmos

Last week Comdex launched their mainnet on the Cosmos ecosystem, the official launch of Comdex’s mainnet has been earnestly anticipated by Comets all around the world, and last week marked the end of the wait as Comdex’s mainnet finally went live on the Cosmos ecosystem. An eventful launch party was held to celebrate this remarkable feat and some of the most brilliant personalities in the Cosmos ecosystem were in attendance with speakers from Persistence, pStake, Sifchain, Akash, Exido, Umee, and numerous others, who meet up in a progression of incredible board conversations. The launch party was streamed live to viewers all over the world and is still available to be watched via the following link:

  • $CMDX Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) Pool went live on Osmosis

Last week, the Comdex team finally launched the highly talked-about Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) for the $CMDX on Osmosis. Everyone was given an opportunity to participate in Comdex’s LBP and also make their contributions to price discovery from the 3rd of December at about 1:00 AM UTC to the 6th of December. Interested individuals can check it out on:

  • Comdex was on DCentralCon Miami

Last week, Comdex’s Co-founder and chief operating officer Siddarth Patil was in attendance at DCentral Miami. Siddarth Patil also hosted a booth and took part in some panel discussions. This was a remarkable event for the Comdex team as they believe that the leaders at Comdex actively participate in forming the dialogue at industry occasions, as it is good for public relations and it permits the Comdex team to decisively influence the crypto space.

  • Comdex’s Co-founder and chief operating officer Siddarth Patil was featured on Osmosis labs updates blog

Last week, Comdex’s Co-founder and chief operating officer Siddarth Patil was also featured in the Osmosis labs Updates from the lab blog series and twitter spaces. For more details check out the link below:

  • $CMDX integration with Unagii and Omniflix

Also last week, the $CMDX token was integrated into Unagii and Omniflix, hence holders of the $CMDX token will earn profitable passive returns for staking.

Check out Unagii on: and

Omniflix on:

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