Comdex: The Need to Own Commodities as Better Investment Tools Against Times of Uncertainty.

Samson Anthony
4 min readMar 27, 2022

On the 10th of March, 2022, Siddharth Patil — the chief operating officer and co-founder of Comdex — released a blog post, titled ‘Commodities in Uncertain Times’.

In his post, he addressed reasons why the global cryptocurrency investment community must station a “robust, anti-flexible investment vehicle” for the war against uncertain times of gloom in the investment system.

I’ll share some of his ideas.

Factors Affecting the Global Economy Today

Even now, the post-pandemic effects of coronavirus have issued newer problems facing cryptocurrency investors in the institutional and retail industries alike.

Besides the global epidemic, Mr. Patil made mention of the Russo-Ukrainian War that began late February of 2022, which has likewise impounded negativity on the supply chain worldwide.

He specified that since the two main countries involved in the fierce bloody war (a much more upgraded form of the ’90s Cold War) are top agricultural producers of wheat (having a combined total of 20% global wheat supply) and Russia is a petroleum giant, the European economy has been affected; a percentage of the world economy has been affected.

Russia, besides being a dominant producer of wheat (a situation that has affected the economy of Indonesia’s global noodles household name, Indomie, for lack of wheat), and crude oil, the country is also home to one of the largest percentages of nickel (one major metal element in the modern world). Hence, the prices of metal worldwide have had an estimated “350% price surge…in the last few months,” according to Mr. Patil.

Investors now seek silver, gold, diamonds, and other precious metals, as strategic products which they can use to secure their investments. In the actual fact, the world is certainly diving into a time of uncertainty as granted by the post-pandemic and neo-crises effects on an international level.

This is why the COO of Comdex delved into this topic: to introduce “the need for a robust antifragile investment vehicle during times of uncertainty,” seeing that it “is now greater than it has ever been.” It is better for investors to secure their earnings than just hold them in hand like before, because the global economy is falling more and more at risk everyday.

Here Comes the Comdex Solution

Physical commodities.

That is right. Having ownership of physical assets cones with low risks, why? Commodities, Mr. Patil says, are necessary for the growth and survival of humans, how?

  • Agriculture is the life bank of every mortal being, hence its commodities are — no doubt — basic assets.
  • Mining for natural resources (commodities) such as crude oil, copper, nickel, and the likes of these, are basic for the functioning of technology, lest we return to the Dark Ages (where metal was still important).

Commodities are simply essential for daily living, hence their high value and low risks such as theft and confiscation, amongst others, which are no big deal and can be solved by Comdex.

Comdex: Solving Commodity Asset Risks

As earlier mentioned, Comdex is set to launch its mainnet DEX after the duration of its devnet beta testing us completed. With this mainnet comes:

  • Minting.

Users will be able to mint synthetic assets (known by COMets — Comdex members — as cAssets), which are variants of physical commodities in cryptocurrency form, backed by the value of stablecoins. Minting cAssets pegs their value to that of the US Dollar Coin, which secures your investment in these synths (cAssets).

  • Liquidity.

You can provide liquidity by staking cAssets in Comdex’s LPs (liquidity pools). This will, in turn, generate APRs (annual percentage rates) for you, establishing and increasing your investment portfolio.

  • Trading.

When liquidity is provided and flowing well in the liquidity pools, you gain more ease when you wish to trade your cAssets.

Commodities are a secure way of investment because of their high value. In the decentralized finance world, the commodity sector is expanding and will continue doing so. So follow Mr. Patil’s advice; join Comdex, invest in commodities, and the platform will do the rest; because “in uncertain times, Comdex aims to be a lifeboat to the crypto ecosystem, giving users the ability to diversify into commodities whilst still remaining firmly rooted in the decentralized space.”

Though 2022 is a good year for the organization, certain uncertain things may happen, but at the centre of decentralized finance, Comdex will keep on advancing with member and global solutions; never ending. Join the community now.

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