Comdex Partners with Skip Protocol to Build Good MEV Products to Maximize the Rewards of Committed Users.

For any POS-based ecosystem, the bulk of security rests on validators and stakers and they should be rewarded accordingly. However, if not properly handled, there can be cases of bad actors and MEV such as frontrunning and sandwiching that could reduce the benefits of very active and effective actors.

To get rid of bad MEV and actors, there is a way to greatly reward users who contribute the most to a protocol. The use of good Miners’ Extractable Value (MEV) products such as liquidations and arbitrage is the best way to reward committed users and recapture asset volume back into protocols.

Concurrently, Comdex keeps looking into more ways to get better and grow exponentially while rewarding its users for their continuous commitment to keeping the chain running.

For this reason, Comdex recently partnered with Skip Protocol after making a governance proposal to its community which passed.

Let’s have a quick rundown of this partnership.

What is Skip Protocol?

Skip Protocol is a decentralized protocol with the aim of building ecosystem-aligned Miner Extractable Value (MEV) products on Cosmos.

Already deployed on the Juno, Terra2, and Evmos blockchains and its ‘arbitrage module’ passed as a governance proposal on Osmosis, Skip builds the financial sustainability and revenue and rewards generation of protocols it runs on through the amplification of good MEV such as arbitrage and liquidations and reduction of bad MEV like frontrunning and sandwiching.

The protocol aims at setting up inter-chain transaction effectuation products tailored to independent decentralized applications, to command financial maintainability and proliferated benefits via Miner Extractable Values, in the absence of the defects of bad MEV for users.

Skip Money operates a framework that entitles users and traders to remit for transactions and tailgate insurance in guaranteed auctions. The protocol is altogether programmable, with regulations about what varieties of MEV are authorized and how earnings from the auctions are circulated among chain validators and the network.

Benefits of the Partnership for Comdex

Skip Protocol will carry out its operations on Comdex by building cross-chain transaction execution products customized for Comdex. This aims to achieve the following:

1. Passively snowballing rewards for validators and liquidity pool stakers by initiating settlements for categorization, thereby giving rise to security, total value locked, and enterprise.

2. End-to-end encryption of transactions for NFT marketers.

3. Preserving user experience from exploitative strategies by price instabilities.

4. Upgraded transaction validation bots and facilities.

5. Maintaining zero-fee transactions in the future.

6. Raised reward accrual for liquidity providers.

7. Nipping malignant dispositions of MEV in the bud, such as blitz on decentralized exchanges, in which orders are placed immediately before the trade and right after it.

8. Safeguarding validators against susceptibilities that have negative impacts on other blockchains.

The Proposal: MEV-tendermint

A proposal placed by Skip has been passed on the Comdex Forum.

For a nonexclusive retake of Miner Retractable Values, Skip proposed to have auctions conducted via the MEV-tendermint mechanism, which is publicly accessible and can be examined on Skip’s GitHub

Skip Money, all through 2023, will be establishing its core auction trade sessions on Comdex to smoothen the path of combative blockchain auctions for future arising MEV slots from:

1. Investments to maintain the dollar peg for the $CMST stablecoin.

2. Liquidations, as a result of excessive borrowing without collateralization.

3. Investments that happen at regular intervals within the decentralized exchange.

Skip Money also makes use of bots that boost combativeness and eliminates the obstacle of gaining entrance for those who seek MEV opportunities.

The transaction charges from the auctions will benefit the entire Cosmos network and would also be distributed in conformity with the agreement of the Comdex community, as well as the predilection of each blockchain validator.

Schedule for Skip’s Integration

Right now, the procedures to launch a Skip testnet on the Comdex-1 blockchain are heavily underway, utilizing the MEV-tendermint mechanism on a set of validators and bots to check its security.

By January 2023, a complete evaluation of the MEV-tendermint mechanism before launch.

From January to February, Skip will launch across the Cosmos ecosystem via Comdex’s blockchain. A lengthy continuation and conservative preservation of the MEV-tendermint binary for the Comdex network will commence with new Tendermint revamps.

All through the year, the continuous conservation and remodeling of the Comdex network will take place.

About Comdex

Comdex is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that focuses on bridging the gap between traditional or centralized finance and DeFi.

Comdex is a hub for synthetic and crypto asset protocols which allows traders to access a broad range of assets in the financial markets and generate a maximum yield from safer avenues.

The protocols are designed to unlock access to major commodity debt assets and liquidity, aiming to enable seamless capital flow from DeFi to centralized finance.









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