Comdex: Commodities In Times of Economic Uncertainty.”

Samson Anthony
3 min readApr 4, 2022


Due to limited supplies, the prices of commodities are sensitive to supply or demand dynamics, as well as some negativities within the chains of distribution. In the actual fact, the price inflation in commodities are led by the forces of demand, caused by the force of supply.

For example, the limited supply of the following resources leads to increase in soaring prices.

  • Oil.

— The disruption of the supply chain.

— Production difficulties.

— Continuous need for more.

  • Metal.

— Interrupted flow in the supply chain.

— Increment in energy costs.

— Increased demands from industries and individuals.

  • Food.

— Supply flow interruption.

— Nonstop thirst for food.

— Increase in energy consumption.

The GSCI Index

This is the standard unit of measurement for the stationing of prices of commodities, inflating or deflating, within the global economy. The Standard and Poor’s Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (the S&P GSCI), according to Wikipedia, “serves as a benchmark for investment” within marketplaces designed for trading if commodities, and as a “measure of commodity performance over time.”

Originally developed by Goldman Sachs in 1991, when it gained fame, its ownership was officially transferred to Standard and Poor’s in 2007. It has more energy exposure than the Dow Jones Index.

To affirm the fact that the prices of commodities have soared up to 80% in the previous year, the GSCI have put such increment from a nearly 500 level to nearly 800, since March 2021 and March 2022. This is happens to be Comdex’s call for the arousal of awareness within its members.

The Jumping Bargain

If the prices are hopping, the importance of commodities today is jumping. More people are rushing to get wheat into their closets, seeing how bad Russia’s war with Ukraine has affected wheat and barley prices. The thirst for noodles is even becoming more feasible than ever, as no one wants to miss out of the scarcely available wheat products on board. Hence, scarcity has become some sort of commodity on its own, hasn’t it?

Take for instance, the bombing of Russia’s crude oil depot amidst the since-24th February war. Fuel prices are climbing towers and Elon Musk is thinking bigger, but no one wants to miss out of the scarcity; and sadly enough for other castes, the rich are involved in this scramble.

Inking a thread on its Twitter page, the Comdex media team noted that “in times of economic uncertainty, commodities tend to do well compared to more risk-oriented asset classes.”

What are the riskier ones? The asset class is made up of stocks, shares, deventures, real estate investments, bonds, fiat and crypto currencies; and these all make up the riskier ones. Also, “assets such as oil, wheat, and gold have done exceedingly well as people ditch speculative positions for essential & tangible investments.”

This means that instead of investing in real estates, (newsflash) some people have devised another means: investing in what makes up an estate. Metals make up an estate, of course. And with the fast approaching scarcity of metals such as barium, nickel, and barium, this can be said to be a wise choice, isn’t it?

Fun fact is that these can be converted to assets on Comdex’s cAsset blockchain.

In the actual fact, the prices of oil have soared up to a whooping amount of nearly 70.5% within March of 2021 and that of 2022. The prices for gold and wheat have been inflated as well, rising up to an estimate of 9.8% and a shocking 64.6% respectively, in the same period of twelve months.

The price of gold has always been high, but a nearly 10% inflation indicates a red flash warning.

Why not hurry up, join the Comdex community, begin investing in blockchain commodity assets, and get ready to launch like a comet into space?

If the prices are hopping, then commodities are jumping, and cAssets are shooting.

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