Capitalising on Creator Chain Launchpad Koistarter

With the introduction of the KoiStarter launchpad within two days, it is a delight to the Creator platform to wholeheartedly welcome any questions regarding this venture.

The launchpad offers IDOs (initial decentralized exchange offerings), a means through which the KOI coins are launched via decentralized liquidity exchange, as a way of raising funds for its users.

To partake in KoiStarter's IDOs, you have to connect to a KoiStarter-supported wallet and the related wallet you use. After this, you have to go through verification on KYC. Then you will be required to stake some tokens and check your tier (your level rank, according to the total number of KOI points you own). You could also elevate your tier by clicking UPGRADE.

It is important to note that it is to your disadvantage if you do not use the same wallet you have on Creator's Staking Pool to connect to KoiStarter. Using the same wallet enables you to earn equal KOI points.

Complete Procedures On How To Fully Join KoiStarter's IDOs

  1. Go to

2. Tap on CONNECT WALLET at the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Choose a KOI-supported blockchain network (eg, Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, etc) and the related wallet you use.

4. Go to the notification bar and click on the MY MEAL tab. This will automatically change the course for you to your profile page.

5. Tap on KYC NOW, beside the UNVERIFIED button. This would divert the direction for you to run KYC on Blockpass.

6. Click START on the popup that comes up, to start up your validation process.

7. Fill in your e-mail address and continue.

8. Check your email to confirm the “magic link” sent.

9. In the email, tap on CONTINUE REGISTRATION to continue your journey.

10. Fill in the essential data to finish off the verification procedure. These will include your Ethereum address, personal info, proof of identity (passport, driver’s license, or national identity card), birthdate, portrait photo, etc.

11. Log out and wait for an email reply from Blockpass.

12. When you go over to Step 5, you will see the VERIFIED button. Commence growing KOI points foremost.

13. Since you have to stake $CTR (Creator tokens) to be eligible for KoiStarter’s IDOs, go to the home menu and click open the STARTING header at the upper left of the screen.

14. Choose to stake a liquidity pool with pair token BBN/CTR.

15. Click APPROVE on the choice you want to stake.

16. A popup will appear, bearing the fee of your action. CONFIRM it.

17. After a successful transaction, enter the amount of $CTR you want to stake up.

18. STAKE it.

19. Go to the home menu and open MY MEAL at the menu bar.

20. Click TIER to know your current level. You could open UPGRADE to elevate your tier.

21. Go to the LaunchPad tab on the top left part of the screen, click open, and choose the pool you want to join in the initial decentralized exchange offering.

22. Tap on JOIN COMPETITION. A popup will appear, showing requirements unique to each pool.

23. Choose to answer the requirements of the pool you want and click SUBMIT. This would take a little while to process.

24. When the submission is finalized, you are free to enter your choice pool and surf for your entire wallet address on the WINNER LIST. The tiers Ume (3) and Kiku (4) are sure winners.

NB; Take note that you must have completed all tasks required by the project’s team leader according to your tier, and inputted your Twitter or Telegram account name, before clicking on SUBMIT.

If you have followed the above steps edge-to-edge, you can now deposit tokens. When you are done with depositing tokens, the real deal comes in. You are now able to claim your CTR tokens.

Make sure you check to see if you have received the claimed tokens in your wallet.

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