AssetMantle’s MantleDrop Mechanism & Targeted Staking Yield

The AssetMantle MantlePlace for NFTs is known to have around a thousand crypto wallets, with which a million transactions or so have been conducted on the Mantle-1 chain, ever since it was opened early in July.

The users of these wallets expect to enjoy additional benefits, one of which is $MNTL airdrops. On AssetMantle, it is referred to as “MantleDrop”.

According to the distribution chat, the MantleDrop program is assigned 60 million $MNTL for distribution. Very generous! However, the program is divided into different campaigns, which include:

  • Stakedrop
  • Osmosis LPs Airdrops
  • OpenSea Users Airdrop
  • $MNTL Reserved for Mantle Genesis Creators

According to AssetMantle, this method of distribution was chosen because, “it best aligns with the goal of creating a strong community of NFT collectors & artists within the Cosmos ecosystem”.

1. StakeDrop

9 million $MNTL in total was allocated for the StakeDrop to reward long-term token holders on Cosmos, who staked their tokens, meaning they value the security and success of projects that they are associated with.

2. Osmosis Liquidity Providers

30 million $MNTL was allocated to Osmosis liquidity pools and this is the largest part of the MantleDrop.

It represents the token of appreciation to Osmosis liquidity providers, who are the most active contributors to the ecosystem.

3. OpenSea Users

9 Million $MNTL, allocated to the users of NFT holders on OpenSea. This will be an avenue to showcase the utility of AssetMantle to the largest addressable market for NFTs and NFT creators.

4. Mantle Creators

12 million $MNTL is allocated to the creator reserve. This serves as a support for the Mantle genesis creators, which will help them grow and develop with AssetMantle.

MNTL Use Cases

The tokenomics of AssetMantle network allocates half of the total percentage of the initial circulation of tokens to the users of the blockchain. The creators of NFTs and the buyers thereof are the ones who make up the blockchain and boosts its tech use.

The $MNTL is the community currency, distributed from time to time, used to boost the provision of incentives for new projects and supplying liquidity to the staking pools, which use the currency for proposals and internal bootstrapping.

Also, as the $MNTL usage and token value rises, this value is then brought upon the blockchain projects; and as the value of the project tokens rise, both these tokens and the MNTL currency increase in flexibility and benefits.

Staking Yields

There is a special mechanism used by the AssetMantle network, called inflation data. This involves the prices of tokens rising up to seventy five percent, then halving every two years. The generated fees would be enough to fund validators of the blockchain and the blockchain.

Through the inflation data mechanism, the staking yields of the network are targeted to rise beyond 75%.

About AssetMantle

A digital network which sports an NFT marketplace, the AssetMantle network gives non-fungible developers and buyers a lot of upperhand use cases such as NFT production at its better best, encryption and verifiable exchanges, with reduced costs.

Well-established within Cosmos’s ecosystem, AssetMantle network utilizes Tendermint to facilitate its tokenization of assets and NFT marketplace.

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