An Overview of Metalaunch Launchpad and How it Works.

Samson Anthony
3 min readApr 30, 2022


MetaLaunch, the premier application from Asva Labs, is the first-ever multi-chain metaverse launchpad and accelerator. It is a multi-chain metaverse launchpad and accelerator that is designed to offer almost perfect growth frameworks while fueling the virtual world and improving the economies of the gaming world.

How Does MetaLaunch Works?

The MetaLaunch platform works in a unique way by providing holders with a fair allocation structure which allows everyone to have an equal opportunity to participate in the upcoming IDOs by staking $ASVA tokens and standing a chance to earn APY benefits.

For MetaLaunch to work effectively, there is a tier system established in place so that investors can easily join the ecosystem without the fear of losing out in the market.

Once a group of people are interested in MetaLaunch, they will be classified into tiers based on the number of ASVA tokens they hold, and this tiers they are classified into will guarantee allocations among the participants.

MetaLaunch’s 3-Round System

MetaLaunch has three round system. The systems are put in the place to ensure the ease of allocations.

1. Public Round:

This is the one of the rounds of the MetaLaunch’s 3-Round system. This is the round where guaranteed tiers can participate in. This round consists of three specific tiers, and allocations are distributed according to these tiers.

✓ Tier 1 (Meta-Moon): In this tier, KYC and whitelisting is required, the weight of the pool is 1x, and 2500 $ASVA tokens are required for staking. People who are part of this tier are usually beginners with less $ASVA tokens.

✓ Tier 2 (Meta-Sun): In this tier, KYC and whitelisting is required, the weight of the pool is 4x, and $ASVA tokens required for staking is 8000. People who are part of this tier have gone beyond the beginners level and possess more $ASVA tokens than people in the Tier 1 system.

✓ Tier 3 (Meta-Galaxy): In this tier, KYC and whitelisting is needed and the weight of the pool is 10x. The number of tokens required for staking is 18000. It is much bigger than the Tier 1 and Tier 2 system.

2. Meta-Community Round:

In this round, participants actively engage in social activities and can take part in a lottery to stand a chance to win big. In this round, the minimum staking token required is 1000 $ASVA tokens. Participants also have to adhere to the social media requirements spelt out to them via While Whitelisting allocations takes place randomly with the help of a lottery. Lastly, weightage of the pool is 0.4x.

3. First Come First Serve Round (FCFS Round)

In this round, whitelisted participants from the public and community rounds can participate. Token allocation is entirely done on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis rather than a basis based on privilege. This round comes to an end once the sale is already complete.

About MetaLaunch

MetaLaunch, powered by Asva Labs, is the first-ever multichain metaverse launchpad and incubator. It delivers strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to fuel virtual-world and gaming economies. The Asvaverse ecosystem also features MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations. The suite of MetaFi applications maximizes the productivity of virtual ownership assets.

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